GiST: Part Whatever

1. Communication skills
2. Cinco de Mayo cervezas with a hilarious old friend.
3. Meeting his new girlfriend and liking her – though knowing him it’ll end soon.
4. Kefir
5. My enormous new floppy hat for the beach and gigantic new sunglasses. Pale is the new black.


12 thoughts on “GiST: Part Whatever

  1. suntzusays says:

    Being a fashion nincompoop, black is pretty much the only black I know of.

  2. Bazarov says:

    Funny how in the 80’s sunglasses as big as the ones I see on girls these days were a novelty item. O’ how things change (does that constitute apostrophe abuse?). This is why I never understand/understood fashion. I’m best just letting people dress me or looking around and trying to blend in somehow: whatever makes me invisible in a crowd; but I do have my limits. If it were up to me I’d wear the same thing every day; that, or dress like a gentleman from the mid to late 1800s. Something tells me that wouldn’t fly though.

  3. Yeah, it always comes back to black.I HATED my mom’s big ol’ sunglasses when I was a kid, I thought she looked like a fly when she wore them – now they’re cool again plus in theory the more eye-area you can shield from UV rays, the fewer laugh lines. Right?And no, that’s not apostrophe abuse. As long as the apostrophe is standing in for missing letters, you’re good.

  4. Oops, or shows possession.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What about contractions?

  6. Anon – in contractions the apostrophe is standing in for the missing/omitted letters. In ‘isn’t,’ it stands for the omitted ‘o.’ In ‘you’re,’ it stands for the omitted ‘a.’ Sorry if this seems snotty, I am a bit of a grammar geek.

  7. suntzusays says:

    The monocle, top hat, cane, and chain watch. Ahh yes. Fashion has yet to come back around to that.

  8. Some things are classics for good reason – a pocket watch is always a good conversation piece. A guy here at work has one; gets a thumbs-up from me. Monocle? Top hat? Not so much. Cane really depends on the rest of the ensemble. Wouldn’t work with jeans, but a nice suit could stand up to it.

  9. Bazarov says:

    I want a nice pocket watch/chain piece, but I can’t bring myself to cough up that much money for a good, authentic one when I have a clock that’s a lot more accurate built into my cell phone.

  10. Vintage isn’t always expensive. If you’re patient you can find someone who doesn’t know the value of what they have – ebay,, flea markets, etc. But time spent is valuable too. Cell phones are nice like that. I’ve had a dead battery in my wristwatch for years and never replaced it because it seems redundant!

  11. I just bought some Apple Bottom sunglasses at TJ Maxx (probably butchered spelling, btw – please forgive me); they are HUGE. I, too, was looking for a sunhat, but none of them were big enough.

  12. Yesss! I was with Susie when you sent that pic of your new ‘do – you ARE fabulous! I know, when I was picking my hat out, it was like…normal size, big, bigger, ridonkulous ginormous – yes, that one!

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