Freakout Friday

NOMNOMNOM. Coworker’s baby is back in for a visit. So sweet! The little pink socks get me every time.

I went over to the Second Street Market at lunch and procured provisions for our quasi-dinner party tonight. Good stuff: chicken (grass fed organic! and no added hormones! Yes, I don’t think chickens eat grass, that’s probably more applicable to beef but it’s still funny), goat cheese, avocados, asparagus, tomato, fresh asiago bread, and some crazy red sparkling French wine I’ve never heard of. I think it has….cassia? Something like that added to make it red. Should be fun. I’m just praying the dog doesn’t make me resort to locking him in the bedroom/crate and having to listen to him bark all night. I think we can bribe him with treats to behave well enough, anyhow. Plus the frozen cookie dough I bought from a coworker’s granddaughter’s fundraiser thing came in today, so we even have a decent-ish dessert.

What we really have to be careful of is overindulging. We have to be back at CASA training at 9 tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping we won’t become known as the hangover girls. Not ideal for the work. Well, for any work, I suppose, but especially not this kind.

On the yard front…well, it’s ugly. A bunch of dandelions went to seed, so we’re pretty much screwed. Hopefully Sunday the weather will be nice enough to make another stab at it, but I do believe we’re going to have to resort to chemical weed control, at least in the front yard. I care a little less about the appearance of the backyard. In good news, the geranium is going nuts. I’ll have to get another photo. I have yet to put out my flower seeds because I’m a little paranoid that there’ll be zero rain when we head out for vacation in a couple of weeks. VACATION, YUM. Beaches, flipflops, pedicures, wine, NERTS! Or did we decide that it’s Nertz? Knertz? Whatever, it’s going to be fab and I cannot wait.

Happy weekending, everyone!


One thought on “Freakout Friday

  1. Haha Knertz. Silent Ks always = good times.

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