Jay Smooth Breaks It Down

Via Feministing


2 thoughts on “Jay Smooth Breaks It Down

  1. I love the point he makes about the scholarship money, and it’s true – I mean, why DO we still have beauty pageants, really? Why give you money for education if we’re instilling all these values in you that say you’ll never be on par with the education you’re getting? Or that you’ll get an education, but you should be more focused on traditional women’s roles first. Is it still a goal for the Miss contestants to change the world? Change the world by starting a trend. Say no to a system that pits you against your equals and that puts you on display for no reason I can see other than “I’ve won this because I pleased everyone else.”

  2. Amen. I think it’s also residual debutante classism. Do they give scholarships to compete IN the pageants? I haven’t heart that feel-good news item. Like, my parents can afford to buy me pretty dresses and whatnot…I’m (almost) good enough, (nearly) smart enough, and gosh darnit, (some) people like me!

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