Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie. Disguising a black sheep named Mary Jane.

Today was often senior skip day, or freshman skip day, or everyone skip day back in the day for rather obvious reasons. Without going all long-haired hippie on you, I’ll just say that I don’t find it so amazing to agree with a retired law enforcement officer on this subject.

I give you Norm Stamper, retired Seattle police chief, member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

420: Thoughts on Pot vs. Alcohol from a Former Police Chief (HuffPo)

Anybody out there want to launch a campaign for the re-prohibition of alcohol? Didn’t think so. The answer, of course, is responsible drinking. Marijuana smokers, for their part, have already shown (apart from that little matter known as the law) greater responsibility in their choice of drugs than those of us who choose alcohol.

Though we’ve covered this subject ad infinitum, I’m always open to hearing thoughts on the matter both in agreement and in dissent.

When confronted with an example in which a retired, disabled, lifelong recreational-drug-free man with a chronic illness that dishes out a LOT of pain (accepted by the medical community, not one of those in-doubt ills) asks his physician about a medical marijuana option and is told that it is only available in that state for the terminally ill, I think that this country (or most states, anyhow) are showing to be ready for a major change in marijuana policy, if not drug policy as a whole. How silly is that? Crippling, chronic pain…no chronic for you. Going to die soon? Sure, smoke up. Silly. Medicine is about improving the quality of life, no? Not that quality of death should be ignored, but I would hope the focus would be on life, first. Not so much in many places right now.

Happy Four Twenty, everyone. Really. I mean it.


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