Springing to Life

One of the sweeter photos from Easter Sunday

D-Mac chilling in the yizzard while we pizzulled a bunch of wizzeeds

Not sure if this is a redbud tree or something else, but I love the way it looks right now. Like branches full of teeny-tiny hot pink chile peppers.


The lilacs are coming, the lilacs are coming!

2 thoughts on “Springing to Life

  1. wp says:

    Plants look good.We have a mini pear tree that was blooming a few weeks ago. Was since we have had three spring snowstorms since then and the flowers have all turned brown now. Its a trade off though because with all this late season water spring is going to be really green here.Easter sounds like it was fun. Maybe we’ll get there next time.

  2. Green is good! Yes, it was fun…other than Dex’s misbehavior. Next time he’ll be good, I expect. Hope you guys can make it next year. You should have seen Mike with Jesse. Too cute.

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