Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.

Kicking off the weekend a day early is always nice, but this particular weekend is going to be super-duper. On Saturday, heading to the Cleve for Easter festivities, then back home Sunday to prepare for a work road trip on Monday that promises to be fascinating and…sad, at the same time. More detail on that when I can share.

Also on the work front, finally booked tickets today to go to NYSCC in May. Show is in Edison, NJ but I’ve been assured that we’ll have time to sneak across the bridge and I can’t express how excited I am to see NYC for the first time. Wait. UNH! Na-na-na-na! That comes close.

On the non-work front, this is day six on the Well.butrin (generic script for Zy.ban). No weirdo side effects yet, which I’m relieved for, though still wary of the day when I’m to double my dosage. I had been smoking like a freight train, and hoping to use the two week period before the quit date to cut down. I think it’s starting to build up in my system enough to have a slight effect; I keep smoking the first half only of each cigarette and I’m able to go longer periods of time without even thinking about wanting one or having a real craving. Plus – and I love this – the script bottle says has one of those neon yellow-green labels DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION. But you know me, I’ve Googled buproprion enough times to know that the risk of seizures is more increased if you abruptly discontinue the use of alcohol. So, it’s like, my duty to have a glass of wine or a beer every night…right? Anyhow, that’s what I’m telling myself, though I know that warning is really for people with true alcohol dependencies or addictions. They don’t get as specific as even Ad.vil does right on the bottle with the 3 drinks per day rule, so I’m going with it unless anyone knows why not to do so. It helps me feel much less deprived than the normal cold-turkey rule to avoid alcohol when you’re trying to quit since it lowers inhibitions. Wish me luck. I hope by putting it out here I can garner more support than keeping it to myself when nobody but me would know if I were (was? crap) cheating.

So what are y’all into this weekend? Buona Pasqua!


9 thoughts on “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.

  1. suntzusays says:

    It’s the same stuff in either the generic or the designer drug, so I don’t understand the tendency of people to call something a “generic” drug. I also don’t quite understand the societal concern over “side effects”, which are sort of like airplane crashes. Well publicized, but extremely rare. It’s not usually a sufficient reason not to take something on its own (other independent and individual risk factors are usually much more significant, for example genetic addiction risks with prescription painkillers). The main reason I understand to not drink, or not drink as much, during a quitting session for smoking is the social psychology context that smoking takes place in. There are lots of people who are “social smokers” for whom this might be more true. They do a rehab therapy for heroin addicts that they put them in a room like an opium den or a shooting galley, prep up the drugs in a needle and place it against their skin. Everything up to, but not including, actually injecting it so they get their high. Eventually the social context in which they receive a pleasurable sensation is replaced or overridden. At least that’s the theory. It’s a bit harder for to work that out for smoking, since people do smoke pretty much anywhere. Good luck…You could have gone this route:'s actually a website, which I cannot remember what it is called, where people can setup a donation toward something they don’t like (or I guess something they do like, if they feel they have less personal willpower or something) if they don’t follow through on some personal mission (losing 10lbs, quitting smoking, etc).Do they require you to split up the drug names or something or is this a personal quirk, or is it just to avoid advertising.

  2. Bazarov says:

    Good luck! This month marks one year for me. If I can do it I’m positive you can. Enjoy NY!

  3. True, I guess a better word would have been off-label?; my doc just prescribed the wellbutrin to be taken as when it’s marketed as zyban, I realize there’s no difference at all.I googled it too much…seems like a lot of people get horrible insomnia with it, too…which I can’t handle. So far, so good.Yeah, it’s just so if people or spammers google the drug names they don’t land here. Thanks…I don’t actually have to quit until next Sunday, so I’m going to put some real effort into breaking the habit part: not smoking as soon as I wake up, while driving, etc. The work road trip will be sucky (on the smoking front anyway, in general it is likely to rock pretty hard!), ‘cuz the person I’m going with is a heavy smoker, but it’s only a couple of days so I’m sure I’ll survive.

  4. Bazarov says:

    Oh yeah, what does the title of this post mean?

  5. Christmas with your relatives, Easter with whomever you like.

  6. And duh, congrats on your one-year chip ;-).

  7. suntzusays says:

    I get horrible insomnia without needing drugs. I can’t complain. More time for reading that way. I haven’t seen any spam here yet. But it’s always a possibility. Drug companies already spam on TV and email (without any prospective effect on their actual profitability, the most cost effective advertising they do by far is with Congress, not with the drug consuming public)…blogs are the next logical phase I guess. Babelfish needs to work on its translation features. I think it got 2 words out of that right.

  8. Google translate didn’t like it either…maybe it’s a dialect-ish spelling? I dunno…found it on I used to get a few spam comments, but none since I removed moderation, so we shall see. I suppose it’s inevitable; may have to go back to a captcha.

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