Is this thing on?

Hey! Regulars! I’m getting a little paranoid…probably you’re busy or I haven’t written anything that moves you to comment…but if you can just drop a comment to confirm that you’re still living & breathing and not eating paint chips from the interior of your apartments, much obliged. Thank you. I mean it. Really.


5 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. suntzusays says:

    Those paint chips were addictive.

  2. Ah, well, with all the basketball of late, I assumed that you’ll need some recovery time. But I don’t think paint chips will help that…even if they go well with onion dip. Mmmm, onion dip.

  3. suntzusays says:

    That and I don’t have much expertise acquired yet in gardening and of course no pertinent advice to offer on wine selections. I was busy getting to verbal tussles with morons again. Having to try to explain what a lagging indicator is to people who are impervious to basic reason is challenging, and taxing on my reserves of energy.

  4. Here’s an easy one for you – why the fuck did Bank of America raise my interest rate four points? All I ever do is pay my freaking bill, I’m never above 50% of my total credit line (though I know carrying that much isn’t anywhere near ideal)….BLERG! I’m opting out.

  5. suntzusays says:

    4% isn’t that uncommon, I’ve seen much worse (and they could have also lowered your limit at the same time). Other than the “rage quit”, the “best” financial move is to transfer it somewhere else or pay large chunks to get the balance down. It sounds like you’ve had the card a while, so canceling will hit your credit score a bit more (FICO is like the most counter-intuitive system imaginable). Obviously if you don’t anticipate any need for credit in the near future, kill the card. And in any event, don’t use it if you can avoid doing so. As for why they would raise it, this has been a common practice because the banks are trying to limit their capital exposure. They’re basically looking at credit card users as one way to limit their risks. But rather than looking at people who’ve been paying on time reliably for years, they just use a computer model or scoring system that irritates the fuck out of everyone involved. They’re slashing credit limits (often to below where a person’s current use is, generating an overcharge for their trouble…) or raising APRs for about a year now to try to get rid of, or at least minimize, credit use. Presumably they’d be worried about defaults rising at some point as well, people eventually figure out they’re supposed to pay their mortgage before their credit card bills when they lose their jobs. I’ve had two cards do this raising my rates, but I wasn’t running a monthly balance on either one, so I could care less that they did it. Ironically, Citi tripled my credit limit while this was going on (and they seem like they were in the most trouble, go figure).

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