GiST: Part 33 of 365

  1. Filling out an application to be a CASA volunteer.
  2. The two enormous yard waste bags filled mostly with dandelion carcasses that the trash men picked up this morning.
  3. The pleasant soreness in my legs and arms from all the dandelion pulling.
  4. Not using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on the lawn.
  5. The ’02 Hawk Crest cab sauv is so yummy, and there are a few glasses left in the decanter.

2 thoughts on “GiST: Part 33 of 365

  1. JayBee* says:

    i seriously enjoy your ‘grace in small things’ posts.. you’re inpiring me to do something similar.. or would that just be copying? either way.. i love reading them.

  2. Copying is the whole point! Schmutzie ( started it and invites everyone to “wage a battle against embitterment.” She even started a ‘social network’ on…ning, I think it is? – anyone can build their own myspace/facebook/whatever thing. I don’t really keep up over there, I just do it here on the blog. Too many sites to keep track of!

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