Back to Basics, Weekend Edition

This morning I got up at the butt crack of dawn and went to the free intro class at Yoga Springs. It was rather heavenly. Nothing like being instructed to lay on the floor and breathe, and get a “good job” for doing so. I think I’m going to put my cigarette money toward that instead; it should be helpful in quitting if I can go twice a week at least. After the session I walked down to a little coffee shop on a tip from a local and got some liquid stimulant. Yum.

Mike called the vet and got a script for some doggie-Dramamine, so we’re going to take Dex on his first road trip Easter weekend. I’m sure it will be an adventure, but hopefully he won’t get carsick, as he is wont to do, and will be on his best behavior at my aunt & uncle’s house. I’m sure he’ll love playing with all the kids; I can’t wait! Mmmm…Easter bread. Black jellybeans. Cheesy potatoes. Our contribution, not surprisingly I suppose, is wine.

We have managed to acquire a small collection over the past few weeks, thanks to the wine club’s bonus bottles and the generosity of a friend. Here’s what we’ve got on hand right now:

Anyone know anything about any of these wines? Cool labels; I just hope they’re all drinkable and tasty. Though I could still use some recommendations on a sweet-ish rose, preferably $10 range.


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