An Evening With Me

Title inspired by An Evening wWith Bazarov.

Bear with me, this will be a ramble. On Thursday nights Mike plays basketball. Since my one local girlfriend that I’d have any sort of regular GNO (girls night out) with actually works nights right now, it’s usually just me-time. Today, I had a really late lunch; a coworker and I tried naming the new meal slupper, slunch, dunch, dinch, but none of those sounds at all appetizing so we gave up. I think the British call it tea, but anyhow…I got home from work, took Dex for a quick run/walk, then cracked a beer without giving too much thought to dinner, since I had just eaten. I gave the dog a bone and checked my email. Whaddya know (feel free to skim; but at least hit the first few paragraphs): Issue 21.

Well, you know that got me all agitated. Still being me, rather than going for another walk, I thought, let’s find something to munch on while I chew the fat with ol’ Senator Voinovich. I pitter-patter into the kitchen and lo and behold, in the freezer awaiting me…wait for it. Hot Pockets!

Shut up. I do not live in a trailer, nor was I drunk. Although, it did go nicely with an Amber Bock leftover from making beer-battered tilapia the other night. Apparently after my relating the Facebook exchange about the Jim Gaffigen bit on Hot Pockets to him, Mike felt moved to purchase some. Sweet. As I microwave it in the ‘crisper sleeve,’ I’m cracking up at the blurbs on the box:

Good In So Many Ways

There’s more to HOT POCKETS than great taste. More than 30 varieties have 0 grams of trans fat and contain 7 essential vitamins and minerals. So whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, remember…..anytime is a good time for HOT POCKETS brand.

So. I pick at the Hot Pocket, read some blogs, screw around on Facebook. Realize I’m out of smokes, feel like a crackhead but don’t bother to exercise much willpower, entice the dog into the car despite the thunder and lightning getting his shackles up, and run to the gas station. Purchase a pack of trendy Camel Crush cigarettes – with a discount coupon (AND get a free tin of Camel Snuss!) – and a six pack of some random beer called Landshark, because it’s 50 cents cheaper than Corona. Yeah. You might be a redneck if.

Come home and call best friend to crack up yet again at self. Hear that she also had a phenomenal day.

She’s a branch manager for a regional bank in the south, making her job about local business development. She walks into this prosperous body shop and asks for the owner, expecting a blow-off by the receptionist. Instead, out comes the owner, who is vehemently cheesed off at his last big name national bank since a merger. He’d just that day closed all of his accounts with the big bank and remembered my friend from her previous position at said big bank. Short story short, he asks where the hell she’s been and hands her a check for $300K USD. Big, no, huge account to pick up on a whim.

Anyhow, I guess my point is that it’s really nice to have a good day and call your buddy to find out they had a really good day, too. Now I’m going to try to watch some ER for the first time in years, simply because it’s the last one, from what I hear. Is there going to be George Clooney?!


8 thoughts on “An Evening With Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    no george!! I was rather upset at the final episode…nothing spectacular….Sarah

  2. suntzusays says:

    His new bit is on bacon. Lots of bacon jokes. And fancy ketchup or awful waffle jokes. “Even the sign looks like a ransom note.” I don’t worry too much about the debt problem, simply because we don’t seem to be in a hurry to generate a surplus budget to try to pay it off. Most recently “they” took the surplus and tried to create tax cuts…and not much interest in cutting any spending at the same time. I assume your beef was more on the stem cell issue. Having been more involved in arguments openly with “conservatives” on such issues, I can say they’re just as hard nosed and unreasonable as they are about abortion. They don’t seem to be able to rationalize the difference between allowing people to do something and creating disincentives against doing it. Simply because their rationale for not doing something doesn’t have any basis in reality. It would be another issue if it made any sense to object. It’s quite another if the only argument being put forward is “God said so”.

  3. Bazarov says:

    I was expecting quite a different sort of post hahaha.

  4. Like what? Always looking for ideas…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I saw the similar title so I figured a similar post.Bazarov~My work computer’s fucked, don’t mind the anonymous bit.

  6. Ah. I’ve considered that kind of thing, but it’ll take more editing time. I pounded this out in about half an hour, plus the editing from copy-pasting the actual newsletter (the picture of that man is so CREEPY), messing with the formatting, and finally just resorting to a link instead.

  7. just me says:

    Landshark. Classic. Nothing like a little chemical taste in your mouth. Doesn’t it taste JUST LIKE IT SOUNDS?

  8. I actually hadn’t noticed, but I’ll pay more attention tonight! It’s certainly no Christmas Ale. Not that I’d even hoped for that ;-).

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