Give a Girl a Hand!

Isn’t this gorgeous? Sarah’s photography is haunting and brave. If you haven’t already taken the time to register (it’s free! no spam!) and vote for her dream photo assignment “For Our Daughters,” please, please, please do so. She needs to get back into the Top 20 to advance to the next round.

Sarah’s blog
was one of the very first that I started reading regularly, and she has always been so friendly and supportive, even though she doesn’t really know me from Adam. Or Eve. I’ve watched her grow from an uncertain to a confident and creative photographer, and it’s been fascinating to see what subjects she chooses and how fearless and yet exposed (sometimes literally, check out her Flickr photostream, she ain’t afraid to get naked!) her self-portraits are. Go Sarah!


2 thoughts on “Give a Girl a Hand!

  1. Sarah says:

    Amy, thanks again for this! I really appreciate how supportive you’ve been.I keep getting more votes, yet keep sliding further down the rankings. It’s maddening! I’m really glad I tried though, and no matter what, this is a project I’ll pursue.

  2. You’re very welcome – I hope you do get to pursue the project one way or another, regardless of the prize money. Though I know that would help immensely!

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