GiST: Part 30 of 365

  1. The smell of freshly cut grass outside.
  2. The organized, if not thinned out, closet and dresser drawers.
  3. Mondays that go by quickly.
  4. Anticipating a new book arriving any day now.
  5. Contemplating sending the Pope a condom, and maybe writing a letter to accompany, spelling out the ways that the church has deeply disappointed me, both in its opposition to abortion for the child victims of incestuous rape in Brazil, and to condom use to combat the AIDS crisis in Africa:

That’s what I’m going to say to baptizing my (still hypothetical) children unless things change mightily. I won’t hold my breath.


10 thoughts on “GiST: Part 30 of 365

  1. Free is me says:

    Sometimes I think freshly cut grass smells like watermelon. What is the deal with the Pope’s hats anyway. Just joking but isn’t it weird that he is so against birth control but the Church has covered up all of the bad stuff that has happened over the years. I will never be able to understand moving pedophiles from one place to another so they could continue to prey on more children. Very strange. I would send a whole carton to him. detroithome.blogspot

  2. It’s not weird, it’s hypocritical, which is basically their specialty anymore. Makes me so, so sad. The church used to be a place of deep comfort for me, even when doubting or questioning all the dogma. It was a highly valued family tradition, but how could I subscribe my family to that by choice when they would remove choice from my life?

  3. Bazarov says:

    Anymore? Snot almost shot out my nose.

  4. Hah. Way to zero in on the extraneous modifier.

  5. Bazarov says:

    A sense of mischievousness is setting in given the lack of approvals needed for comment posting…

  6. Well, since I’m actually getting a lot more visitors, I hoped that would encourage more people to comment. So far I think only one spammer’s noticed. Might have to do a captcha eventually, but I’d like the conversations to be able to carry on even if I can’t get to my email to approve/publish comments. Not that I ever didn’t allow something other than spam to post.

  7. Uh…yes? And then..?

  8. Bazarov says:

    Spamming…that is all.

  9. Unless you’re selling herbal Viagra over there, that ain’t spam. Perhaps I’ll institute a shameless self-promotion Sunday thread in which you all can link to your proudest posts. Also considering a Wordless Wednesday for un-captioned photos.

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