GiST: Part 29 of 365

  1. An impromptu late lunch out with Mike.
  2. Three consecutive tweets with obnoxious contextual alliteration:
  • Afternoon Amber Bock & American Ale @ Applebee’s.
  • Also, appetizers and apple caramel supreme.
  • Attitude from the husband as well…ass.
  1. The fact that he actually suggested the last one to help keep me on a roll.
  2. The idea to perhaps keep the boxwoods, just cut them down nearly to the ground, and maybe try to design some cool planting patterns inside the little rectangle they outline.
  3. A stay-in Saturday night on the comfy couch.
  4. The fact that I cannot get the Blogger editor to number these things correctly, so I’m quitting anyway. Numbers, who needs them?

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