I can haz Benadryl?

Oof. I’m going to whine about feeling like ass now, so feel free to avert your eyes.

  • It’s raining – sinus headache? Good for the roses, bad for my attitude.
  • 8 AM: Started with two ibuprofen. No good.
  • 9 AM: Added coffee – caffeine does sometimes assuage a headache. No help.
  • 11 AM: Took two generic Tylenol Sinus. No good.
  • 1 PM: Can I add generic Benadryl to this cocktail, or is that just courting disaster?
  • I should have gone to med school. In any case, I should probably eat something. Nothing sounds good. I wonder if that’s an indication that the mystery fever has returned. Blerg.

Sick sucks. I pray it’s just pressure, not a sinus infection. Antibiotics and wine are usually mutually exclusive, and the cork wouldn’t fit back in the bottle last night. That would be a waste of 2/3 a bottle of a rather decent Merlot. I need some of those fancy re-corkers. Ooh, I do have a decanter. That’ll work. Genius, I say, genius. That was actually Mike’s idea, but we both failed to execute it. Okay, whine over. I hope.


2 thoughts on “I can haz Benadryl?

  1. Bazarov says:

    Hopefully it’s just wine residue meets weather front. If it’s similar to what I have, then expect at least a week and a half of it; it’s like a cold on slo-mo.

  2. Perhaps…usually a glass and a half isn’t headache-inducing for me, but I guess there’s a lot of variation between wines, so it’s always a chance you take trying a new one. If it’s going to last that long I’ll have time to experiment with various OTCs until I find the right one or combination, I guess. Yucky.

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