Live-Tweets from St. Patty’s Day

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I had a damn good time and don’t feel too badly this morning. Made sure to drink large quantities of water and eat last night before falling asleep, which is the best advice I’ve gotten on hangover avoidance.

In an effort to document the most hilarious portions of the evening, I sent twitter updates with my awesome new phone so our shenanigans can be saved for posterity, starting from sober and ending up rather otherwise. Genius, I tell you! Okay, here we go: [next-day notes in brackets]

  • Wishing I could just make the next 90 minutes vaporize. I’m ready to get green and goofy! Where are my leprechaun shoes?
  • So far, so lame. Patio, good. Drunks, baaaaad. [Oh how quickly we became the problem!]
  • @ Mcguillicutties in centerville. Need food.
  • Random guy just found wet wipes on table, “let us wipe something!”
  • Random guy is named Bart. Now it is a par-tay!
  • A woman from Cleveland just said “that is so Dayton.” Riiiiight.
  • But it is a contributing factor. [I have no recollection what that was about, but it was hilarious at the time.]
  • Freezing. Give me one of those hats. A plastic one!
  • Cabbie is funny. Heehee.
  • Way too bloody loud in this pub.
  • Smoking in a bar. SSshhhhhh.
  • I cannot wait to blog this. [Yeah, I wish I remembered what that was all about, too!]
  • Just tasted Jameson Irish whiskey. I could try to acquire a taste.
  • Oh no, it’s Tony.
  • Tried to explain twitter. Fail.
  • Obnoxious singing….and, we’re done here.
  • Uh oh.
  • False alarm! Party on. [I totally thought she had gone to toss cookies.]
  • Aaaaaayyyyyy!! Eeeeeehhhh? Aaaayyyy! [This is why I have an extra-gravelly voice today.]
  • Amy and Nikki? No way! They’re taking about you inside! They said, “go find them, that’s where the party’s at!” [Earlier quote from Random Bart with funny beer goggle glasses.]
  • Set a quit date. November first, this year. Too soon…too late? [Ha, totally forgot about that one! Drunken pacts are the best.]
  • Switching to water and stealing a hat.

Pictures to follow if I can find my USB cable. Priceless. Hope you all had a fun and safe night!


4 thoughts on “Live-Tweets from St. Patty’s Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    um…unfortunatly I’ll have to wait until I get to a real computer because Lincoln Educational Services blocks EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Sucky….let me know when you get a chance to play around with it!

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