Intrepid Tuesday & GiST: Part 21 of 365

My post way below “What Words Do You Hate” is featured on today’s Intrepid Tuesday at Five Star Friday. The post itself isn’t necessarily worthy standing on its own, but I think the conversation we had in the comments is well worth sharing.

However, the entire thing pales in comparison to “Everyday Grace“at Thursday’s Child. I’m frankly a bit embarrassed to have submitted my post in comparison to that one, but again grateful for the traffic Schmutzie drives, as well as the other great bloggers on whom she shines a weekly spotlight.

  1. Getting to see a good friend again tonight, even if it means I might have to drink green beer.
  2. The fact that Killians or Guinness will probably also be an option – and might even be on special.
  3. Taxi cabs.
  4. Our new sofa is coming home tomorrow.
  5. The way Dexter decided to rearrange his own furniture. He wrestled his doggie bed away from the spot where his crate had been and hauled it up onto “his” blanket-covered chair. Quite a setup, and a rather impressive show of coordination!

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