Synthesis & GiST Part 17 of 365

I’m thinking that if I can come up with three posts in one day, I ought to seriously put more time into the composition and maybe weave one of those narrative thingies I hear so much about. What an epiphany. No time like tomorrow. Until then, hoopleheads:

  1. Taking Dex for a quick walk after work through the park.
  2. The kid in the park doing roundoff-back-handsprings. I so almost asked he & the girl he was with if they cheered, but I didn’t want to interrupt his potential game, either. Ah, young love. Perhaps.
  3. Thinking about trading Mike’s car in for a beater truck so we can haul gardening crap and who knows what else.
  4. Crocuses.
  5. Buds on the little lilac tree.

2 thoughts on “Synthesis & GiST Part 17 of 365

  1. suntzusays says:

    Somebody has to be prolific in the blogging department when I have not been.

  2. I hope we eventually get to see what you’ve been slaving over. My brain droppings are not really on the same level as yours.

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