Way to harsh my buzz.

I was pretty jazzed for a Monday morning until I read Liss’s synopsis of a few things that are currently making the world a shitty place to be: Good Morning! The World Sucks. Go read it.

I know I’ve beaten the glue out of this dead horse, but SERIOUSLY? Rape of your 9-year-old stepdaughter PLUS sexual abuse of her disabled older sister is LESS SINFUL than helping to obtain that 9-year-old’s abortion? I…just have no more words. Oh wait, here are a couple, courtesy of the Deadwood marathon in which we’ve indulged of late: FUCKING COCKSUCKERS. And I don’t mean that in a good way, as most men surely enjoy a good cocksucking from time to time, but in that way that the church would exclude and shame and excommunicate.

You know what I’d do if I could? Get the pope to stand, facing me, three or four steps down on a basement staircase (this is what my very petite fraternal grandmother did with her taller children when they required a good talking-to doled out from an authoritative position) and shake my freaking finger at him…and then maybe just give him a nudge. It’d be a shame if he hit his thick-skulled noggin on the concrete floor and had some sense knocked into him.

Fuck, I’m all caps-locky and bolded and italicized now. Blerg. I truly wonder, if I walked into the parish of my youth and tried to discuss this with the priests and deacons, would they actually defend the Vatican? Even my mom thought that the church allowed abortion under certain circumstances, but I don’t think she’s right. Well, she’s right. The church is apparently just STOOOOOOPID.

ETA: I realize my cocksucker rant might sound like gay-bashing. Certainly not my intent. Need I revise?


2 thoughts on “Way to harsh my buzz.

  1. There is no God in this decision. God is absent from the patriarchal abuse of power the damn Vatican shows time and time again.

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