GiST: Part 16 of 365

1. Finally spending some money on myself in order to update my wardrobe. Getting dressed every day isn’t supposed to make you want to cry, right?

2. 75% off racks at Macy’s.

3. A pair each of Steve Madden and Clark’s shoes for less than $50 total (that’s a pretty good steal).

4. Thinking somewhat seriously about going back to school. In the long run it probably does make more sense to pull out what’s left in the mutual funds and pay tuition with it rather than just watch it disappear. Maybe?

5. Being this close to pulling down a big sale at work. I need a raise, but haven’t felt like it would be justified to ask up until these past few weeks. I’m finally hitting a stride.


4 thoughts on “GiST: Part 16 of 365

  1. suntzusays says:

    If you think the SP500 is nearing zero anytime soon, it doesn’t make much sense to spend it on anything anyway. I’d advise more hand to hand combat training under that circumstance over more educational background. Of course, I’m the one weirdo pouring money INTO the stock market right now, even as I write this.

  2. I’m still investing in my 401(k), but in thinking about my college fund leftovers, I heard on NPR that it might be better to switch from mutual funds to index funds since they have lower fees. Hogwash?

  3. suntzusays says:

    Not at all. If you’re using the “mutual fund as as savings” plan, then one problem is to keep the fees as low as possible. Index funds are often boring but they’re usually pretty reliable (they’re basically like hyper-diversified portfolios). There are some mutual funds with really low fees as well if you’re not inclined to be totally bored with your return. For my part, I steer people away from anything above what are considered low fees, and especially low loads (index funds usually have no loads at all). I’m not sure that’s where I’d put a 401k though. Basically because you’ll have to pay taxes on the growth so it may as well grow into something worth paying taxes on.

  4. The 401(k) will stay where it is ‘cuz it’s through work. Smith Barney’s not doing a shitty enough job for me to try and move that. Yet.My dad says the fees aren’t too bad on the Ameriprise mutual funds, so I guess I believe him. I never NOTICE the fees, but I’m not that fine-toothed-comb-ish with the statements, either. Grass always seems greener, but I guess I’m good enough as is. Thanks for the input, though!

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