What words do you hate?

Certain words just rub you the wrong way, don’t they? List the ones you can’t stand to hear.

I’m going to try to limit this to words that are generally used/spelled correctly or at least in accepted ways, rather than the mispronunciations and bastardizations that also grate on my delicate, buffalo mozzarella-like nerves.

  1. Wife. Not that I don’t like being Mike’s, but…I don’t know. There’s just something about it that sounds unpleasant. I’m jokingly trying to get Mike on board to refer to each other as our life partners, but he’s not digging it. Maybe it’s because we haven’t been married too long, so I still kind of miss bride. Like that Friends episode (sorry) where Monica and Chandler check out of the bridal suite the morning after their wedding and she whines, “I’m no longer a bride, now I’m just somebody’s wife.” And of course Chandler quips, “And I’m the luckiest guy in the world!”
  2. Matron. I’ve become a big fan of Project Runway, so every time I hear Tim Gunn or Michael Kors criticize an ensemble as “matronly,” I know that is not a good thing fashion-wise. I expect (but wouldn’t feel slighted if not) to at some point be asked to be Matron of Honor in my sister’s wedding should she decide to marry her current beau. Aside – I sometimes wonder if the only holdup on that is distance, as their jobs keep them a few hours drive as it now stands. But I know she would not make me wear something matronly! Unless she didn’t like what she wore for mine…then revenge is fair play!
  3. Any genitalia euphemisms. I have girlfriends that really cringe at pussy, cunt, etc. I really don’t know how that’s any more yucky than dick, prick, cock, etc. One of my most ignorant/crazy exes’s family used to refer to the vulva/vagina as “cookie” with the little girls. How’s that not going to cause embarrassing confusion? What the hell is wrong with penis and vagina? ZOMG too real, must enact decency standards! Instill body-shame, hurry!

I’m sure I’m forgetting some good ones, but let’s just start here. Put yours in the comments or just link to your list. I realize the few I named have a kind of feminist bent, so don’t limit yours to ones that raise politically-correct shackles. Any reason you hate any word. Go.


12 thoughts on “What words do you hate?

  1. Bazarov says:

    I don’t have too many words that I don’t like. Let’s see how many I can come up with.1.) Tuberculosis–Only because I trip up on it EVERYTIME I try to say it. I simply cannot say that word. I will just say TB.2.) Faith, God, God-Bless, Lord Willing, etc–For obvious reasons. It’s not so much the words but their meanings. They make me cringe.3.) Nonplussed–Because it’s confusing and means the opposite of what you’d expect it to mean.I like most words referring to genitalia, especially pussy. The sequence of sounds are cute and seductive I think. Cunt is sharp and harsh; you needn’t speak english to know that’s a bad word, though most other english speaking parts of the world have a much more friendly association with that word than here in America. Defenestrate is a good one. Mucus because of the sound; it’s almost like an onomatopoeia, another great word by the way!Oh, almost any german words I dislike. That language just rubs me the wrong way. Church words, like diocese, ecclesiastical, etc. sound really cool. Maybe we could hi-jack them and give them different meanings.

  2. suntzusays says:

    1b) You could say it like you’re from Brooklyn. “Tub-erc-u-losis”. Much like saying “erpes”. 3b) There’s a ton of these words. “Peruse” is a popular one. “Irregardless”, which I’m not sure is actually a word but people use it anyway. 1a) You don’t have a problem with husband? Isn’t that pretty much the same conceptual system of relational possessiveness? Added to it, there’s a process of eugenics involved in animals using the root word. I’ve never heard of “animal wifery”. 3a) They say “fanny” in England for “vagina”. That’s a little more confusing than “cookie” (which also has its old fashioned reference to attractive women to monkey things up more). Even so, British slang is much better than here. Bollocks! Loo. Et cetera. As for myself, I think there’s only one word I avoid using. Certainly there are several words I don’t get around to having a use for. Atavistic has come up a few times of late in reference to one of our political parties. I was most pleased.

  3. I don’t really like husband, either. It does make me think of animal husbandry. I think the dislike comes more from feeling as though we’re not “grown-up” enough to be husband and wife than from the possessive factor…though the numbers certainly add up. Mike calls me “Wife” all the time, sometimes preceded by a complimentary adjective, sometimes otherwise (ha). It makes me roll my eyes but I don’t want to claw his out over it.I like atavistic, too. I think it was a vocab word in jr. high. So what’s your word? Can’t even type it?

  4. suntzusays says:

    I avoid words with direct racial connotations whenever possible. Sexual connotations are acceptable, under the right circumstances. Racist implications do not have “right circumstances”. I think they stopped making me do vocab words in junior high (added to that I rarely did them before that anyway). I wouldn’t know if it was on a list or not. It is however a significant improvement over “backward” or “conservative”. I’ve discovered the secret delight of listening to British newscasts (or reading FT or Economist) in that they use such words with considerable regularity with the implicit suggestion that their audience actually possesses a brain. I have had to access my half-remembered Latin education a couple times to follow. That is a rare achievement.

  5. Gotchya. Yeah, I hate WOP (without papers, somehow that became specific to Italian immigrants), but I’ll allow ‘dago'(dego?) if it’s affectionate. My grandma used to give big group hugs to the grandkids and say “awww…my little dagos.”I love British vernacular, too. I get such a kick whenever we get to do conference calls with Brits (or Aussies or Scots or Irish).

  6. suntzusays says:

    Comes from “day laborers”, which I guess is affectionate. The Italian connection comes from “guappo”, if you must know, not without papers. That’s obviously less affectionate, but it’s a little more specific than the usual disorder of immigration.

  7. Hah! Thanks, I never would have bothered to look that up, though maybe I should have more interest in such things. Is this where you found that? http://www.billcasselman.com/wording_room/wop.htm

  8. suntzusays says:

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=wopI usually find this place useful for translating rap to English. But I figured it would carry the origins to street versions of racial epithets too.

  9. Janna Bee says:

    The words I hate mostly all have to do with food, so maybe I should get my head out of the gutter!Moist, tender, succulent, flaky, oh and this is not related to food words but the word panties. Yuck!

  10. Joe says:

    I HATE the word “penis”. Hate it. Hate saying it, hate thinking it, hate hearing it. I’d much prefer cock or junk over penis. Of course, I’m forced to call it a penis because I’ve got an 8 month old son, but I’m not happy about it. I’m kinda fond of wenis instead… a mix between penis and weiner.And “damn you”. I’ve always hated it when someone would say “damn you” to me. Luckily, I’ve got better friends now, or I’ve matured (not bloody likely), and nobody says that anymore.Found you on Five Star Friday’s Intrepid Tuesday post.

  11. Thanks for stopping by Janna Bee and Joe! I’ll be over to visit both your blogs shortly!

  12. zandor says:

    I hate the word fiance. I’m not really sure why it started bothering me, but I don’t like how it sounds and I don’t like saying it. I sometimes call my sisters fiance her boyfriend because I don’t like the word.

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