GiST: Part 15 of 365

I’m behind on this, too. Sorry for the string of them if that’s not your thing, but I am truly enjoying this exercise. I’m sure it won’t be long until I run out of run of the mill, everyday small pleasures, but I kind of also can’t wait to start doing nostalgic ones, too.

1. Making coffee in front of the open window above the kitchen sink, wind blowing the smell of not-quite-spring early morning through the house.

2. Half-caffeine means I can can drink four cups without the jitters. True, this may be mostly a way to consume more dairy fat with the half & half, but there’s the calcium, too. Right?

3. I don’t feel at all guilty for not going to Mass on Sundays anymore; even Easter and Christmas. That took a pretty long time, a couple/few years. I considered trying to give something up for Lent, more because I do want to to quit smoking than because it’s Lent, but after that fiasco in Brazil, I’ve decided to just excommunicate myself.

4. In the overall vein of Lenten-type sacrifice, I would like to donate some of my time to a worthy cause. This will be difficult to decide upon, as I’m easily persuaded on what’s worthy. Any opinions on Habitat for Humanity? I participated once as a kid with my dad, it was pretty cool. My sister’s involved with a chapter through work and my dad got her a sweet tool belt for Christmas. Fucking adorable, I tell you. I wonder if the local NPR station still needs volunteers to answer phones. My SIL (can I just call you that? It’s so much quicker than brother’s-girlfiriend) is doing that in a different radio market. Very cool. Humane society? See, this will require more thought.

5. An empty blog reader. I should probably unsubscribe to a few that I tend to just scan rather than actually enjoy, but I do love waking up knowing that there is sure to be something that will make me smile just waiting for me to read.


6 thoughts on “GiST: Part 15 of 365

  1. suntzusays says:

    Speaking of Lenten things, there’s a bishop in Italy that suggested young people give up texting or facebook, things of that ilk. Apparently the average number of texts sent/received per day per cell phone in Italy is around 50, which is reasonably high.

  2. Interesting. I could probably give up texting but it would just mean more 20-second phone conversations. The church has so many points of ignition on its kindling right now I would think that the leadership should be encouraging some serious positivity from their people, like community service, etc. No. Just give up texting. That’s their attempt to be relevant in the digital age. Relics.

  3. Bazarov says:

    Congratulations on excommunicating yourself 🙂

  4. Thanks. Now if I could just get my dad to not cry if I chose not to baptize my hypothetical kids…maybe I don’t give him enough credit. Moot point at this juncture.

  5. Bazarov says:

    I’ve never met your father, but who knows?'s funny, while my parents may not cry (at least not infront of me), but if I told them I joined a church I think they’d be very worried about me indeed.

  6. My dad’s well aware of my issues with the church, and I don’t think that he thinks the institution is above reproach, but I think he might just be embarrassed if we didn’t have a baptism (family tradition sense). He’s pretty involved as far as the parish chapter of Habitat for Humanity and things like that, but he’d also never be caught dead picketing an abortion clinic or something like that, so….who knows? I’m sure he’s questioned his own faith, but I think he’s still got it. I’m glad enough for that; it’s a strong tie to his late parents and his happy childhood.

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