I will always carry a fondness in my heart for the Catholic faith, and a (small) part of me will always identify as Catholic though I’ll probably never qualify as a practicing one again.

However, this makes me absolutely ill: Brazil girl, alleged rape victim, aborts twins. (via Pharyngula)

Not to regurgitate exactly what everyone else is saying, but! First of all…alleged? I get the legal “innocent until proven guilty thing,” so the rapist could be an alleged rapist, but a nine year old girl cannot consent, so she is not an alleged victim, right? If she was pregnant, she was raped.

The fact that the church would have had her carry twins to term and have a C-section because “we consider this murder” just makes me so, so sad. Because what’s best for that little girl doesn’t fucking matter. It shouldn’t take a trained monkey to realize that an abortion would be 1000 times less traumatic than being forced to give birth to her rapist’s twins.



4 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Bazarov says:

    The nice reply: sad indeed. The nasty reply can be imagined.

  2. No need to be too nice here. My fondness for the faith is more about the comfort from the ritual rather than any of the leadership or doctrine.

  3. Bazarov says:

    I’ll skip on the diatribe, because I know too many people who claim to be Catholics, and I work on a Catholic University. But this is the sort of thing I expect from a cult that worships suffering; its followers routinely hang instruments of torture and death around their necks or on walls and use it as their symbol. Suffering’s always good for the Church. I just wish people would refrain from associating themselves with it in any manner, or at minimum, not fund it. Holding them to standards of consistency would be too much I suppose.Oh, and it would have to be considered ‘alleged’. For all we know, she could’ve been impregnated by Yahweh himself, just like Mary was. This is why often say Mary was raped, much to the consternation of those same people who wear instruments of torture and death around their necks. I do wish they’d grow up.

  4. I believe the tithes at individual parishes just go to the community and charitable causes, mostly. But I’m not 100% on that and I’ve never been a good tither.

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