Prince Poindexter Macaroni, PhD Update

Mike took Dex to the vet yesterday and he was again very well-behaved. Surprisingly, he weighs 30 pounds! I didn’t think he was that heavy, which means we totally scammed the Laund-Ur-Mutt place since they charge by the dog’s weight. Anyhow, the slightly more interesting piece of information is that he’s probably not a simple beagle/black Lab mix like we thought. The vet agreed with the papers from the shelter that he also has a good amount of basset hound in him. I don’t see it in his appearance, but when he sits he tends to put both of his hind legs to one side. I find this adorable but I guess it’s also a basset hound thing. Who knew?

He’s definitely part beagle, so it’s a bit of a mystery where his black coloring came from. Maybe one parent was a beagle/basset hound mix and the other a black Lab? Or maybe given his smaller size it was a beagle and a basset hound/black Lab mix? I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care; I always just wanted a mutt. I’ll keep trying to get some good pictures of him; maybe even some video. He was doing some super cute wrasslin’ with his rawhide treat the other night; I could’ve kicked myself for not having the camera in hand.

I’m going to take him to visit my parents tonight. My mom saw him the very first day we brought him home but hasn’t seen him since he’s adjusted and my dad hasn’t seen him at all yet. He has also yet to meet his doggie cousin (yeah, yeah, obnoxious – but we are NOT doing the Mommy and Daddy thing with the dog; that so grosses me out. My parents-in-law don’t seem to mind with the beagle-in-law, but I won’t have my parents first called Grandma and Grandpa on account of anything but a human child.), my sister’s miniature Pinscher, Officer Piccadilly. That will be highly amusing, as the little guy thinks he is king of the mountain regardless of by how much the other dog or even human might outweigh him. I’m thinking we need to get him some googly shamrocks on a headband for St. Patty’s Day. I know he likes beer. Also chicken broth and probably milkshakes. We’re not certain that was his nose-print in the glass, but most signs point to yes. We’re not purposely giving him human food at all, but far be it from me to say he can’t lick up the stuff I spill!


3 thoughts on “Prince Poindexter Macaroni, PhD Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Honey, I must insist you stop referring to our dog by that awful name. Seriously.

  2. Which part is so awful? I even gave him an honorary doctorate – pretty happy dog! teehee.

  3. No wonder he’s so laid back! I LOVE bassett hounds — we used to have one when I was a kid. You could do anything to that dog. You are a lucky lady.

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