I’m thinking of doing a little early spring cleaning around here. Shake things up a little. The title of this blog has changed several times, but I would like to make one more change, hopefully to something at least somewhat meaningful that I could stick with for a good long time. If anyone has suggestions, I’m more than happy to entertain them. Taglines, too.

My writing here has several themes, but I doubt it’s cohesive enough to suggest something thematic as a title. But perhaps a reader could better see a motif than the writer. I’ve also gone back and forth with varying degrees of anonymity. I don’t think I’ve driven enough traffic to warrant going completely back under cover, but on the other hand….the golden rule of blogging is to assume that the person you’re writing about will read it. Keeping that in mind, I’m not sure I’m ready to plaster my real name on the header again.

I’ve gone through one or more quiet periods here, too. I guess I don’t like to whine about it when I’m closer to depressed than not, but I hope to keep the recent momentum going and make a daily or every-other day entry regardless of my mental/emotional state. I started this blog as self therapy during the aftermath of the miscarriage, and thankfully it has not turned into an infertility or ttc blog, but it’s also not a mommy blog. I’m just one of the millions of faceless people writing about their lives, which is just fine for now. I’m still finding my voice, along with my place in the world. I expect both to continue to evolve over time.

As for aesthetics, I would like to someday upgrade to Typepad or something similar where I could invest a bit more in the design and layout as well, but for now I’ll keep it simple, stupid. No, not you.

Also, to any lurkers that might be out there, please feel encouraged to chime in. I know the regular commenters here strike imposing figures, but please do not hesitate to join the conversation.


16 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Bazarov says:

    The flickr link with the personal photos may kill the last remnants of anonymity as well ;).I’ve created and destroyed more blogs than I can remember, the whole idea behind any anonymity there being I’d get completely honest reviews of anything I had posted, but the problem was no one read my one of millions of blogs! Ha! Plus, it’s nice to have an outlet for the thoughts you’d never share but with your closest friends, and even those can bring out odd looks every once in a while.

  2. Very true. I guess I’m not that worried about it, thus leaving the flickr link up. I haven’t had the urge to bitch about work in quite a long time, so that alone is progress. Yeah, I never added A Falling Tree to the links here ‘cuz I wasn’t 100% sure if you wanted any more traffic there or not. Not that I get much here anyways, but still. Seems like you’re still writing elsewhere under cover of darkness more often than @ AFT. I don’t know…there are some things that I end up writing here, odd or not, that I never seem to say out loud to my closest friends or even to Mike. Not that I wouldn’t…I just don’t for whatever reason.

  3. Bazarov says:

    I’ve found the best way to ensure most of my friends don’t read my stuff is to give it to them and ask them to read it 😉

  4. Ha! I’ve been guilty of that. My closest friends are all too busy with kids and work and life to be too interested in my drivel, at least consistently. I’m trying to gently insert myself into or nearer to some circles of more established bloggers in hopes of learning the ways of that world, but I fear I may be taken as an annoying wannabe.

  5. Bazarov says:

    I often think that when I write stories, like ‘Am I so important that people should be reading my stuff’ or ‘There’s a lot of good stuff out there already’ or ‘I don’t have much technical training in writing’ etc. But you know what? You only live once and I figured you gotta assert yourself every once in a while. If people don’t wanna read my stories or take their messages to heart, so be it, but I put ’em out there, and that’s a hell of a lot more than most people do. Writing is weird though; I call it the photography syndrome. Just because people can operate a camera and take a picture, many think they could do what professional photographers could do. Writing is similar. I’ve often heard people say things like, “If only I had the time I could write a book. Everyone, afterall, has atleast one great novel in them.” Maybe this is the cynic in me, but after talking with a lot of people, no, not everyone has a great novel in them. A lot of people are mouthbreathing buffoons (you don’t have to agree with me to know I’m right here) who have no deeper thoughts than “A burrito sounds good right about now”, “I wanna fuck that”, or, to steal a line from Idiocracy, “I like money”. I’ve also found strolling through bookstores that I’m not impressed by many of the conversations I hear from all those readers with their warm cups of java while standing in the aisles talking about whatever it is they’re talking about. As far as the time thing goes, that could be said about anything. I’m sure if I devoted enough time to the piano I could play the shit out of some Chopin. But I don’t, and that’s what separates writers from non-writers. Writers, simply, write. Others don’t and confuse literacy and the ability to produce a sentence with a knack for writing. I’m not saying my shit’s worthy of many eyes, but I’m doing it, not talking about it. That, I’ve learned, is a HUGE difference. The latter is like Al Bundy talking about his four touchdowns in one game of HS football. And?So don’t let doubt or fear of being a “wannabe” get in your way. If those you look up to ridicule you, then they’re assholes and below you, not above you; plus the coolest kids were always the ones who didn’t give a shit what others thought of them, wannabes or not 😉 I say write away, it only gets better the more you do it.

  6. Very well put! I do agree, and thanks for the encouragement. Does that also mean a link is cool? I totally fall prey to the photography syndrome – but in photography. I don’t think I’d ever even try to write a novel; fiction doesn’t seem to be my bag. I’m much more an opinionista. And word-maker-upper, apparently. I have toyed with the idea of getting out my manual camera from high school photography and buying some black and white film. I keep blaming the EasyShare, because I hate to believe that one self-portrait that got an honorable mention back in the day was just a happy accident. No way to know until I try! I should bust it out of its frame and scan it to flickr…that’d be a good start for inspiration. Thanks again for poking my brain, prompting me to put that into writing!

  7. Bazarov says:

    Good luck! I learned about the photography thing because my boss got his degree in photography and is quite good at it and has plenty to complain about with regards to the phenomenon. I, myself, was guilty of photography syndrome but think I’ve been cured by having a photographer as a boss. I’m not saying you suffer from the syndrome, I don’t know, I just used the analogy because it was available while scannin me brain fer sum sheeit. If you ever see a photograph with a finger in it, there’s a good chance I took it.I’m afraid I don’t follow on your question of does that make a link cool?. My summary of coolness is a bit funny in that I made it. Me talking about coolness, especially in them bygone school days, is like…is like…umm…some simile that exhibits the absurdity of one giving advice on something they know nothing about…yeah. If I thought about it more, I’d say good looks is the best single predictor of coolness, at least in most settings. Uhh, yeah. Worky time.

  8. Thanks. Haha…I just wanted to know if you wanted a link to AFT over in the sidebar. Just in case I become the next dooce.

  9. Bazarov says:

    Oh, AFT? I don’t even know what that is.

  10. Bazarov says:

    What’s that? Never heard of it. But given that name, I bet it’s a badass blog, if that’s what it is.

  11. Badass….and also linked directly to your blogger ID via your profile. Maybe I’m confused ;-P.

  12. Thanks, Schmutzie! What’s that saying? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Thanks for the encouragement.

  13. Bazarov says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what that’s all about.

  14. @Baz – I don’t wanna say wtf, but wtf? I’m guessing you’re doing one of those charming psych tricks, so I’m quitting now.

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