Plinky Prompt: Name a children’s book that makes you nostalgic.

Prompt courtesy of Plinky. I picked three, though I didn’t think about it for too long.

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

This book is great – the weather is made of food! Pancake blizzards, spaghetti storms, orange juice floods. A goldmine of imagination fodder for little kids.

  • Where The Wild Things Are

A true classic, soon to be made into a movie, which I cannot wait to see. My dad used to do this quasi-ominous laugh and tell short stories about what kinds of “wild things” might live in the woods along the interstates when we drove in the dark on long trips to and from Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

  • The Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books

Another good series, or it was a series of short chapter books when I was a kid. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle had some very creative parenting strategies, most of which would probably border on child abuse these days, yet she wasn’t scary for some reason. Made my parents seem a lot less mean when I had been disciplined for some infraction.

What were your favorites?


GiST: Part 30 of 365

  1. The smell of freshly cut grass outside.
  2. The organized, if not thinned out, closet and dresser drawers.
  3. Mondays that go by quickly.
  4. Anticipating a new book arriving any day now.
  5. Contemplating sending the Pope a condom, and maybe writing a letter to accompany, spelling out the ways that the church has deeply disappointed me, both in its opposition to abortion for the child victims of incestuous rape in Brazil, and to condom use to combat the AIDS crisis in Africa:

That’s what I’m going to say to baptizing my (still hypothetical) children unless things change mightily. I won’t hold my breath.

Yet More Housekeeping + Thank You

I’ve added a couple of things to the sidebar. Please let me know if any don’t work correctly or hang up the page for you. First, I added a short list of my recently shared items from my Google Reader. If you ever are bored and looking for something random to either amuse, anger, or ponder, then check that out. Feel free to comment on any item in the latest post here in the main column, too; I do enjoy the comment-jacking that we always seem to get into.

Next, a peek into my Shelfari bookshelf. I know that nobody really needs yet another social media site to keep up with, but this really is just a reading list. It’s so much easier than anything I’ve tried to keep track of friends’ recommendations and whatnot. Show people what you own, have read, plan to read, ask whether someone thinks you should read a book, write reviews, etc. Now I’ll shut up, they aren’t paying me.

I also need to edit by blogroll/favorites, so look for that and feel free to recommend anything you think is missing or point out what is pointless. I’ve also reconsidered changing the name of this blog. At least one person has arrived here after Googling “not undecided,” so perhaps it’s worth keeping. Speaking of how people arrive here, I gotta thank Bazarov again. Thanks to him submitting a post from here to Five Star Friday, yesterday more people popped in here at least briefly than on any day in recorded history.

However, what I really want to say is THANK YOU to the regular readers and frequent commenters. I’m no dummy, you all are some razor-sharp tacks. Therefore, I take it as a high compliment that you are still reading, still commenting. It’s not about driving traffic; it’s about a continuing conversation, which I can’t stress enough how much I thoroughly enjoy having with you. I have learned a lot, changed my opinions on many things, and become a lot more confident in my writing over the years, and I still look forward to your feedback. If you have things you’d like to hear more about, less about, I will value the constructive criticism.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. To steal a line from Helen, thank you for stopping by. Really. I mean it.

GiST: Part 29 of 365

  1. An impromptu late lunch out with Mike.
  2. Three consecutive tweets with obnoxious contextual alliteration:
  • Afternoon Amber Bock & American Ale @ Applebee’s.
  • Also, appetizers and apple caramel supreme.
  • Attitude from the husband as well…ass.
  1. The fact that he actually suggested the last one to help keep me on a roll.
  2. The idea to perhaps keep the boxwoods, just cut them down nearly to the ground, and maybe try to design some cool planting patterns inside the little rectangle they outline.
  3. A stay-in Saturday night on the comfy couch.
  4. The fact that I cannot get the Blogger editor to number these things correctly, so I’m quitting anyway. Numbers, who needs them?

You know how I know it’s spring?

I wish I had crocuses in my yard, but alas, the first colorful (other than green) sign of spring in my yard is this:

It really is such a pretty flower. I joked that I would pick one this year and fertilize it just for giggles to see how big I could get it to grow. Really, they’re hardy, and they last all season, they come back every year…what’s not to love? Oh yeah, how freaking invasive they can be. Sigh. Here we go, it’s spring!