Grace In Small Things: Part 10 of 365

1. My first day of half-caff isn’t going to kill me. I might even stick with it.

2. It’s 50 degrees outside.

3. My brother-in-law emailed me another “helpful” news article and I didn’t lose my shit this time. At all. Look at me, I’m growing!

4. Not freaking out over turning 29 in a few days. I don’t know if I’ll truly age gracefully, but I am going to make a concerted effort to not fall into the youth = beauty obsession or needlessly amplify the sound of my ticking biological clock.

5. Dexter is still a big lovebug.


8 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: Part 10 of 365

  1. suntzusays says:

    He looks sleepy. That sort of alcohol study is old news. Apparently you are thought to be some sort of drunkard who doesn’t moderate your consumption?

  2. Yeah, I can only seem to catch him looking either very curious or very disinterested. I need a camera that actually takes the picture when you press the button!I know, I couldn’t understand why it was all over the news. The link between alcohol and especially breast cancer has been known for a long time. I can overindulge from time to time, sure, but he drinks too, so…? I’m not sure what he meant by it, he always just sends the link with no comment or preface. WhatEVER!

  3. Bazarov says:

    Well, you’re a girl and he’s not, so he can drink all he wants. Another added benefit of being Catholic, right? Equal rights and no one drinks. HA!So, half and half coffee eh? You wanting to cut out the morning caffeine as well? Have I started a trend? I AM quite the trendsetter, aren’t I? Ahh, that’s funny. Anyways, good luck. I quit cold turkey in the mornings with no coffee and that gave me a four day headache, but I’m all good now 🙂 I still have a coke or two in the evenings.

  4. I couldn’t resist. I sent him back an ABC News story on the same study that noted a decreased risk with moderate drinking for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which my maternal grandmother had, while there’s no history in my family of breast cancer or the other cancers linked. He retorted (to Mike, not to me) that if I didn’t stop sending smart replies he’d drive to Fairborn and punch me in the nose, because he’s just trying to be ‘informative.’ Gotta love it.I’m trying to wean myself off; can’t go cold turkey. But I didn’t have time to brew at home this morning, so I’m sipping some full strength drive-thru coffee now. One day at a time! If I can just decrease caffeine and quit smoking (quit date hasn’t been set yet, though) I can see restarting prenatal vitamins with a touch less irony. Long term goal.

  5. Bazarov says:

    Ahh. Best of luck to you. Your brother-in-law…yeah. Good luck with that too.

  6. Thanks. Luck might help with the one, but probably not with the BIL. I said I’d go to photobucket and find a picture of a fist with a big KAPOW! graphic to email back, but Mike requested that I not. I suppose he’s right. Somebody has to be the bigger person. It won’t be him!

  7. Bazarov says:

    It gets old taking the high-road, that’s for sure.

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