He’s already made a lot of progress. He made it through a whole work day in the crate with no accidents and has changed his attitude toward Mike 180 degrees. I think he thought he was the alpha dog, so just a few simple things like controlling access to his food bowl and making him sit and shake for a treat or a toy have already helped immensely. We let him spend his first night on the bed, and though he stayed at the foot and wasn’t a pain, he’s a little too big for that, plus it might contribute to him thinking he’s our equal. So we got him a doggie bed, and it only took a couple of tries before he stayed, and he stayed all night. Right next to my open closet door, with slippers that could have been chewed sitting right there. He is a good dog! We need to do some further training on the begging for food while we’re eating, but he’s not nearly as persistent as another rowdy beagle we know.


4 thoughts on “D-Mac

  1. suntzusays says:

    Why in the first photo is he in a timeout in the corner? Or is that a crunchy green treat disguised as a plant.

  2. He’s not in a timeout or in a corner! It was taken from an odd angle, I guess. The “wood” is the floor, he’s just checking out the aloe plant. I have a hard time catching him with the camera before he turns away!

  3. Sounds like he’s got more of the lab in him than the beagle. Lucky girl!

  4. Oh, there’s definitely some beagle in him, too! He hardly barks, but when he does…all beagle. But he’s a good boy, guarding the doorway-hallway threshold right now!

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