Gud välsigna Sverige?

I assume that this Swedish MP’s suggestion will garner little more notice than rolled eyes, but ’tis frightening all the same. I don’t claim to know squat about Swedish politics, but I had assumed they were rather secular, so I’m more than a bit surprised that a candidate that would suggest such a thing was even elected.

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8 thoughts on “Gud välsigna Sverige?

  1. suntzusays says:

    There’s a reasonably powerful party there called Christian Democrats. Although they seem to use social liberalism and market economics as the model (I’m not quite sure how the two go together as state policy goes) instead of fundamentalist Christianity with corporatist economics like our conservative parties do. For instance they opposed nuclear power and they set up programs to help old people or for child care.In other words, they might actually be somewhat Christian. I’m not sure they have (or need) enough umpf to get everyone else in Sweden to be though.

  2. Bazarov says:

    Don’t get too worried. This party has only gotten 6.6% of the vote in the last national election. They’re a small group. Every country’s got their whackos. I’ll have to ask what my friends and family back in Sweden think of it, if anything at all. I’m sure my father will get a kick out of reading the story. The links eventually ended up at the Dagens Nyheter website (The Days News). My Swedish isn’t strong enough to read through the article fluently, but from what I can gather:”The Christiandemocratic parliment member Else-Marie Lindgren from Borås thinks that Prime Minster Fredrik Reinfeldt should end his speech by saying God will bless Sweden.The Model is USA where the president ends by asking god to bless the country.-I think it would be supreme/excellent/superb if the prime minister could say it because we are still a christian land. It is important that the leader can confess their belief/faith, says Else-Marie Lindgren to Swedens Radio Sevenhundred”.From TTEnd translation.Nonetheless, I don’t think it’ll get much more than rolled eyes from other Swedish politicians. I think christians have a better chance of getting god back in the science class here than the Swedish Prime Minister saying “God Bless Sweden” after each speech. Why would he listen to a fractional party? And what’s up with radio 700? That’s where the nutjob talking heads in this region transmit from too! What a weird coinkidink!

  3. Thanks. Somehow I thought we were the last Western country to have earnest religious overtones in our politics, despite the “separation of church and state.” I now realize that’s foolish. We may be the worst, but we’re not the only. Ah! Reminds me of the “Italian Terry Schiavo” case of late. Berlusconi is an ass.

  4. Bazarov says:

    Do share– Who’s this Berlusconi?

  5. The Prime Minister of Italy. Let me find the quote that had me foaming at the mouth….

  6. Bazarov says:

    Ha! I just realized there’s a translation button offered by Google(?)! I tread through it like a four year old trying to do calculus and all I had to do was hit a button! What a crock! Oh well, at least my translation was close to the one provided by the machine.

  7.'s been quoted as saying that she is (now was, she died yesterday) “in the condition to have babies.” He also recently all but equated rape to a compliment on a woman’s appearance, saying something to the effect that Italy will always have rapists because their women are so beautiful. Ass:

  8. Bazarov says:

    His wiki page is rather long and he seems like quite the fuckface. Religion’s big in Italy, from what I’ve heard, and Italian politics has always humored me. Mussolini’s granddaughter is a neofascist in the parliment! Ahh, what a crazy world.

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