Grace In Small Things: Part 1 of 365

I’m taking a plunge, committing to Grace In Small Things, a challenge to wage a battle against embitterment that I’ve really enjoyed reading over at

I will post a list of five things that have graced my life, either on that day or at any time in my life. Feel free to join me. Or mock me. Or, you know, do whatever’s in your heart.

I’m taking a slight cop-out, because I doubt I’ll do it every day. But I am going to do my best to write 365 entries. Some items I’ll elaborate upon, some not. I’m hoping it will also provide more inspiration for content in general. Even if I choose to go in the opposite direction to elaborate, which seems likely.

  1. The white noise provided by the furnace running while drifting off to sleep.
  2. A brief break from the bitterly cold temperatures.
  3. My dad’s patience, both in general and specifically for taking the time to walk Mike through our taxes and meticulously calculate each option to our benefit.
  4. A husband patient enough to undertake this mission with my dad, which is not really a small thing!
  5. Weekend morning coffee from a mug that’s not intended for travel.

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