A few weeks ago when doing some Christmas shopping in an actual, physical retail establishment (I do so love the internet for allowing me to nearly completely avoid the malls and big boxes during the season), I found a pretty good deal on a non-iPod mp3 player, so I splurged and of course felt pretty guilty about it. Until today. I finally managed to load some songs onto it, and holy shit. I forgot how good music is.

The radio options in this area are weak when it comes to music, at least by my taste. It does tickle me to get three to four NPR stations depending on which end of town I’m in, and I generally just listen to the news on my commutes. I’ve never been one to buy CDs, either. My thougtful husband did suggest to my brother getting me a replacement for the long-lost STP No. 4 for Christmas, though, and I think that might be the best tag-team gift idea ever! That was one album I actually missed, and yet I never just went and bought myself a copy. Between the CD and the mp3 player, it’s like I’ve rediscovered the whole concept of music, as ridiculous as that sounds. I knew that it’d been quite a while since I’d found a new favorite band or even song of the moment, but until I started singing along to a few songs I’ve always loved I didn’t realize that I had actually forgotten that doing so feels. so. good.

New year’s resolution for dummies: Don’t forget about music.