Stuff grows! In my yard!

And it’s so much nicer to look at than the cobwebs that keep overtaking this blog. Ahem.

First, the bald cypress trees that made my heart stop when they dropped all their needles in the fall. They certainly look like evergreens when the branches are full, but apparently we have three of the one ‘evergreen’ species that’s actually deciduous. They make a huge mess dropping all the needles, but I’m so relieved they’re not the three dead trees we thought we had when they went bare.

Next, the unidentified cascading, weeping-looking little tree on the other side of the porch. It’s kind of leaning like it might fall out of the ground, and I have no idea what it is, but it’s got tiny pink flowers that smell awesome.

The hostas are looking pretty good; the ones up front are huge. I’ll try to divide them up in August and cover more ground for next year. I say try because, not so much with the green thumb. (These are out back, the ones up front are even bigger, but not variegated.)

Although I must say I’m handy with a Weed Hound. Dandelions were baaaad. Bad. Embarrassingly mutant. Looks much better now, though.

Thanks to the kind generosity of a friend with a much, much greener thumb than my own, there is also now:

A ground cover I forget the name of with cute little white flowers. Also, black-eyed susans, lilies of the valley,

blue razor grass, some kind of variegated fern-looking plant, and also some creeping jenny I’m not yet sure will survive the transfer.

Plus a sweet pea I’m trying to train up our ugly chain-link fence. Patience, patience. It’s been raining a lot, which is nice because I don’t have to water often, but I think the new residents could also use some sunshine to help them perk up a bit.

We also bought a potted geranium from a friend’s sons’ 4H fundraiser. I’d like to try and keep it going inside after it gets cold. We don’t have a lot of windows that get good light…the real estate in front of the sliding glass back door is crowded.

Coming soon:

day lilies,

butterfly bush, roses,

and, fingers crossed, tomatoes!
I missed a few good shots already. The bushes on the side of the house smelled heavenly, if only for about a week. And there were very vibrant small purple flowers on a tree out back a week or two ago, but I missed those, too.

My goal, other than keeping this stuff all alive, is to also improve the photography a bit. Some of these look terrible! I’m only working with a Kodak C743, but I think it’s me being way out of practice more than any shortcoming of the camera itself. I’ll try to be more diligent about photographing and posting things as they – hopefully – come into bloom.


4 thoughts on “Stuff grows! In my yard!

  1. Bazarov says:

    What a blog entry! Multiple pictures and everything! Well done.I couldn’t help but hear Martha Stewart’s voice when I read some portions hahahaha. I think it’s just the names of the plants. Good job though! If there’s a hell for plants then it’s my apartment and I’m the Lucifer of all things plant. I’m convinced I could kill a cactus if one were left to my care; I pity the plants I’ve owned.

  2. undecided says:

    Thanks! Got a bunch more plants this weekend from a garden sale and a ‘master gardener’ friend of the first friend that hooked me up. Fingers crossed everything takes! Either way, there should be more pictures to come soon….hopefully blooming rather than dying plants! (Sooo not Martha!)

  3. I think that weeping-looking tree is a lilac bush!!! Lilacs are awesome. Miss you!

  4. undecided says:

    I think you’re right. From what I could find online, I think it’s a Juliana ‘Hers’ weeping lilac. Some variation that’s actually more of a tree than a bush. Wish it would rebloom, it smelled sooo good! Good luck with the move!

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