After a grocery trip

Me: Why do you buy that shit?

Him: I like them!

Me: Really, they’re not good.

Him: Well, I like those Crisp Crust Pizzas; these are the same brand…

Me: Yes, but at least those taste good. These are probably made from the unusable scraps of those pizzas.

Him: *blink*

Me: They’re like the hot dogs of pizza.


6 thoughts on “After a grocery trip

  1. Bazarov says:

    Yes! A new posting! Me likey. But I must clarify something: it’s not shit until AFTER it’s been eaten :-pIf you’re Tolstoy I’ll be Turgenev on his deathbed: “My friend, return to literature!”

  2. undecided says:

    Heh. I’m more comfortable calling pizza rolls shit (even uneaten) than calling anything I write here literature. But that right there is some mighty-fine parallel structure!

  3. Bazarov says:

    Once again your terminology exceeds me. What is parallel structure?

  4. undecided says:

    Erp. Deja vu. I’ve explained this poorly before….the way the clauses are similarly constructed: calling…than calling…

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