Dead Air

I’m disappointed in myself that it’s been nearly a whole month since I’ve written anything here. That’s very lame of me. Not a whole lot of interest has been going on, I suppose. Even if it had been, I’m not sure how much I would say about it. Both Mike and a friend have called me on it, that I never have much to say lately. It’s true. I’ve been feeling pretty quiet. Coming up on the anniversary of the reason I started this blog, although not my “blogiversary” yet. Just makes me contemplative, but not very verbose.

Both my brother and sister got “real” jobs recently, actually at the same place up north, so they’re able to rent an apartment together. We’re helping them move this weekend. Very, very proud of them. It’ll probably mean that we’ll get to see them even less than we already did, but the move should be good for both of them. My parents will actually have an empty nest! My mom’s sure to put the extra grocery money toward her list of home-improvement projects. Must say I’m a bit envious of that. It’s kind of frightening that we just bought our first house, haven’t even slapped a coat of paint on it yet, and home prices are probably going to plummet, from what I hear on the news. I don’t think we’re in any danger of defaulting on our mortgage (made our first payment, yay!), so we won’t become one of those statistics, but it’s disheartening to have made this investment right when real estate is no longer the stellar investment it had been for so long. I had hoped that we were getting in at the bottom of the curve, but it doesn’t sound that way. Not much choice but to ride it out and see what happens at this point, but it’s a little scary nonetheless. Still better than renting, I suppose. Still pleased with our neighborhood. We have an albino squirrel, of all things, that frequents our backyard. I tried to get a picture of him, but he’s quick!

I’m trying not to make excuses for the lack of posts, but I can’t make promises, either. I hope to feel more talkative soon, but if not, things might stay sparse around here for a while. Don’t be alarmed; I shall return!