I suppose it’s only because I’m completely removed from the horrible incident in Minneapolis that I can wonder how a death toll can drop. Were three people thought to be dead….not really dead? Strange.

There’s not much you can say about awful happenings like this. It’s just awful. When that steam pipe burst in Manhattan not long ago, much was said about infrastructure not being as stable and dependable as we all assume it to be. A friend recently wrote about finding a rivet underneath a railroad bridge here in town. I wonder if his reporting it to the proper authorities will be taken more seriously given what just happened last night. I hope so.


2 thoughts on “Hmmm.

  1. suntzusays says:

    I also didn’t realize that driving over bridges was a higher fear for people than public speaking. I realized this after going over the Mackinaw bridge the day after Minny’s collapse. There are people who get paid to get into people’s cars and drive them across the bridge (granted its 5 miles long, but still). Quite a number of people must partake.

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