I’m sure it’s just because they’re all so brilliant that their minds have no room for storage of mundane details, but I feel like my main function here is to remember how to pick up a phone call so that nobody else has to remember how to do so. Really. It’s not hard.

We had our first scare with the house this week. We were washing up all the leftover dishes from the weekend steak feast (no dishwasher, boo!), and after using the garbage disposal, potato peel and other yuck appeared in the bathroom sink. Since we have a one-year home warranty, the plumber didn’t cost us much, thank goodness. It was solved with some snaking, just a minor backup as far as we can tell. So far all’s going in the right direction still. We don’t have to run into the street screaming “MONEY PIT, MONEY PIT!” just yet. But pulverized potato peelings in your bathroom sink will freak you out more than just a bit. Mike and I immediately thought of the Armstrong Plumbing Disaster, and while I’m thanking our lucky stars that it was not even on the same order of magnitude as having to replace entire sewer lines, I must admit being disappointed at not having a valid excuse to create something like this: OMGOPFC.

Classic. But keep your beach towels far, far away from my toilets, if you please. How does that happen, do you think?



I suppose it’s only because I’m completely removed from the horrible incident in Minneapolis that I can wonder how a death toll can drop. Were three people thought to be dead….not really dead? Strange.

There’s not much you can say about awful happenings like this. It’s just awful. When that steam pipe burst in Manhattan not long ago, much was said about infrastructure not being as stable and dependable as we all assume it to be. A friend recently wrote about finding a rivet underneath a railroad bridge here in town. I wonder if his reporting it to the proper authorities will be taken more seriously given what just happened last night. I hope so.