Shitshitshit. So…we had a serious issue with the house on inspections. The heating and A/C weren’t working. It seemed like a serious enough problem with the furnace that the blower wouldn’t even come on. A crack in the bulkhead. So we had an estimate done to replace the furnace, sent it to the seller’s agent, etc. Totally expected that she’d just replace the thing to keep this process moving. Of course not. She sent out her own people, and some magician of an HVAC guy managed to get the thing working, apparently. We don’t know if a repair was made or what. I am not liking the idea of buying a house with a rigged-up heating system. It would pretty much guarantee that it’s on its last legs and we’ll be replacing it sooner than later. Not cool. Freaking out. Shit. This sucks!


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