Home is…

A mess. But we’re here. I think it will take a little while to actually get settled and for it to feel like home, but at least the moving part is done. Now, just to figure out where everything should go! I will try to put up some pictures soon, but there must be a million other things I should get done first. I’d better go pick one and get started. Thanks a million to those who helped us with the move!


Until the deed is done…

We went ahead and just paid for another appraisal. The first one was done by someone from Cincinnati and we’re not sure they even went inside the house. I’m not sure they didn’t, but still. We had a company recommended to us by a good friend in the business, and this company has a guy dedicated to our particular suburb. His familiarity with the area alone should help our cause. The situation was explained to him, and he was reassuring. Which is nice, but…it kind of feels like cheating. Albeit perfectly legal and apparently standard practice cheating. He’s supposed to have the final number to the bank on Monday. I have every reason to believe this is all going to work out just fine, yet I’m so freaking nervous! I told Mike this morning that I don’t think I’ll actually be able to chill out until we drop off the key to the old (current?) house. It’s just so much flux. And that’s exaggerating. Everything is just a tiny bit uncertain. It’s the Heisenberg principle of leasing/real estate. You don’t know exactly where you’re actually going to reside at any given time. That’s a terrible analogy.

It’s said that moving is one of the most stressful life events. I’ll vouch for that. One week from tomorrow we should be closing. I’m so ready for the operative word in most of my sentences to not be ‘should,’ or ‘hopefully’.


Holy fucking fuck. I was right that the seller is going to pay for replacement of furnace and repair of chimney, but good news must be accompanied by bad, no? Maybe it’s just us. The appraisal came back low. Lower than what we’d agreed to pay. Not cool. Now we gotta renegotiate. Fucking fuck. I’m going to lose my damn mind before this is settled. Gah.


OK…just got a call and email from the realtor saying that the seller has agreed to pay for the replacement of the furnace AND the chimney. Unexpected. I think there’s been another misunderstanding. But I think I can stop having this panic attack. I think. Gah.


Shitshitshit. So…we had a serious issue with the house on inspections. The heating and A/C weren’t working. It seemed like a serious enough problem with the furnace that the blower wouldn’t even come on. A crack in the bulkhead. So we had an estimate done to replace the furnace, sent it to the seller’s agent, etc. Totally expected that she’d just replace the thing to keep this process moving. Of course not. She sent out her own people, and some magician of an HVAC guy managed to get the thing working, apparently. We don’t know if a repair was made or what. I am not liking the idea of buying a house with a rigged-up heating system. It would pretty much guarantee that it’s on its last legs and we’ll be replacing it sooner than later. Not cool. Freaking out. Shit. This sucks!


Things seem to be progressing well enough. We are slated to have the house inspected Monday morning. I don’t think we expect to find anything major, but of course you just never know. We’re opting out of the radon inspection given that the house is on a slab, no basement or crawlspace. They want nearly a hundred dollars for that inspection and you can get free test kits through the county health district. Seems like easy math. Assuming we don’t find out afterward that the house is built on top of a poison spring. Assume, ass, you, me, etc., but gamble we will on that front.

We should find out tomorrow if our mortgage is set, too. Hopefully we’ll still be able to close by the end of the month. We didn’t go with the company affiliated with our realty company. I don’t think the realtor’s too happy about that, but the closing costs were absolutely ridiculous. Assuming everything goes well tomorrow with the bank, we put down a little more money and get out of paying the stupid PMI. Makes our payments much less painful. Doesn’t feel like setting ourselves up for failure this way.

I’ve been so nervous about all this, and Mike has been, too. We went and talked all the mortgage stuff over with my parents yesterday, and I think we both feel much better about everything now. I’m not really superstitious, but I find myself hoping that all of this occurring around 7-7-07 will turn luck our way. How silly. Luck favors the well-prepared. We’re trying to be that.

Drumroll, please!

We’re buying a house! We went out to look at a few more on Thursday. The first one we saw was very nice, in a great neighborhood, etc. The others weren’t. Then the realtor tells us that the others we’d asked to see were unavailable because they were sold, sale pending, or temporarily taken off the market. So we jumped on the one, made an offer yesterday morning, had a couple of back and forth counter-offers, and they accepted a pretty decent one this morning. Assuming all goes well, we should be in by the end of the month! Hooray!

The timing’s pretty perfect, if we’d waited any longer we would have had to go month-to-month on our lease here, which would have cost more, too. And I’m greatly relieved to not have to drive from here to the new work location for more than a month. It’s one of the smaller houses in the neighborhood, which is nice because it gets us into a decent neighborhood without having to pay so much for the house. Plus, it doesn’t need a lot of work; it’s pretty much move-in ready. I’m just dreading packing up this place. It’s amazing how much random crap two people (okay, mostly me) can accumulate in a few years. Time to start sorting through and weeding out. Soon. Must celebrate first.