Summer is definitely here. It is so muggy! It seems ridiculous to use the air conditioning in my car driving to work before 9 AM, yet I did. The drive to work should not make taking a shower before doing so completely pointless.

The graduation/hooding ceremony yesterday went well. We officially have a doctor in the family now. We gave the provided gift, accompanied by a card. Whatever.

They leave tomorrow for the big move. So Mike’s car’s not sitting at an apartment complex where family no longer will live, I’m taking him up there in the morning. Before the butt crack of dawn. They want him there at five. Ungodly. We’ll have to leave the house just after four. Inhumane. I’ll probably be back home and back in bed before the sun rises. It will all be like a dream. In all reality, it will be really weird to be without a husband at home for almost a week. I’ll miss him.

When he gets back we’ll get back into house hunting, full speed ahead.


3 thoughts on “Stifling

  1. MIKED says:

    That’s sweet babe, it will be our first time apart since jeeez all the way back before the wedding. Your trip to California to be exact. You will be missed.

  2. AmeDame says:

    Wow. Yep, I’d forgotten about California! I was thinking Florida, way back when we first got together. Still…Cali was before we even got engaged, right before we moved into the house!

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