*tee hee*

He would wipe it up with a bare hand. Ew.

Finally heard from the realtor. Well, it really hadn’t been that long. I just can’t wait to get inside some of the houses we drove past last weekend. Everyone says you won’t believe what crazy decor, etc. you see in other people’s houses. From what I’ve seen in the pictures online, it could be interesting. I am not afraid to paint.


One thought on “*tee hee*

  1. Anonymous says:

    Goodness EW! Indiscrete, but still gross. I saw some pretty wretched decor online, but not in person. Check out NancyFarkas.com. Lots of pics, great descriptions, and all the criteria needed to narrow down results. This was my favorite! I found all the houses I wanted to look at, and eventually the one I bought on this site. Good shit! Don’t forget to check the sexual offenders in the area as well.

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