Title? Like, to a house!

Update: Gas is now down to $3.14 here in Neverland. A great example of my geekery is that I immediately thought, “Gas costs pi.” Geek. At least I don’t have it memorized to several decimal points, I guess.

In the arena of slightly less boring, we have been preapproved for a mortgage! Seems to be enough to bump us up from what I thought we could get into the slightly less decrepit range of selections, from what I’ve been obsessing over in the MLS. Not that that means we easily could afford the mortgage payments themselves, but it’s possible we could tough it out for a year or so. It might be worth it. I know better than to get an adjustable rate, that’s for sure. We have less planned this weekend than the past several, so maybe we’ll have time to do some drive-bys. Of houses. Not shootings. Although we are gangsta.

Mike saw this on a T-shirt in Gatlinburg last weekend and thought it was absolutely hilarious. I concur.


11 thoughts on “Title? Like, to a house!

  1. suntzusays says:

    3.14195265…., friend of mine is much worse than that though.. It’s in a simpsons episode as a jump rope routine. ..very catchy. I saw it as 3.07 though. Gaspricewatch.com.Depends on the ARM (and if your credit is expected to improve, if it even can, and how long you’ll be there, etc). I presume it’s a 30yr you’re looking at, without the biweekly payments (which I say are bad for mortgages, great for credit cards). Scarface is not amused.

  2. suntzusays says:

    Any good shootings?

  3. AmeDame says:

    MLS = multiple listing service. Yep, we liked six enough from the outside to want to see the insides. Still one more we want to drive by. So far, so good!

  4. Bazarov says:

    Big step. It’s like you guys are becoming all adult like and stuff :p Best of luck in your hunting!

  5. Congratulations!I also have decided I love that T-shirt.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What’s the interest rate looking like right now? When I bought my house it was 4.65%!!! Good luck in your house hunt! It’s fun!

  7. AmeDame says:

    It’s up about a couple percent now…but we can always refinance if it goes back down.

  8. suntzusays says:

    You can still get sub-6% rates. Anything around or below 6.25APR should be reasonable for a 30yr (no points). $3.49 doesn’t mesh well with any pies. I’d rather just buy a pie for that, but my car won’t run on sugar yet.

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