Not right.

The Speedway gas station by my work is currently offering to exchange one gallon of regular unleaded gasoline for $3.29. It’s Tuesday. Not Friday. The hell?


16 thoughts on “Not right.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yet another crock of shit scam in this great country. However, I’d happily pay that $3.29 to get my engine going about tuition and cost of text books. While Imus is being criticized for being ‘racist’ (WTF-ever), we all sit silently as we are bent over and raped with a giant King Crab sized dildo (inside joke). I suppose every college student would have to quit in order to get something done?? Grrreeat, since most of the spoiled little shits don’t have to pay for it themselves, and consequently could give two shits and a flying fuck.

  2. Bazarov says:

    Well, did you read the good news today!?!?

  3. AmeDame says:

    yep. Happy Birthday ;-P.

  4. Bazarov says:

    Not my birthday yet.

  5. AmeDame says:

    tomorrow, right? I was thinking the 16th…your brother threw me off…

  6. suntzusays says:

    Doesn’t it usually go up in mid week?$3.29 is still not the all-time high (if you account for inflation) and keep in mind what the cost in Europe is. Oil companies are making less than the government on that gallon, so they’re all ‘in on it’. Now textbooks and tuition on the other hand… that’s some craziness.

  7. AmeDame says:

    yeah, I guess things could always be worse, it still just sucks to see!

  8. suntzusays says:

    It went all the way down to $3.09. Whoopie.

  9. AmeDame says:

    Still $3.24 where I am….quite a difference!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just read in the paper this morning that there is an ongoing investigation delving into reasons for the increase in gasoline prices. The oil industry’s leading economist says the spike is due, in part, to the closure of production sites and the overall decrease in production, but the paper pointed out that prices are higher now than after Katrina demolished several of them. Also, while the oil companies are benefiting from record profits, the money is not being put back into production (supposedly the reason for the increase), but instead, into shares! Unbelievable.

  11. Bazarov says:

    Maybe the oil companies are finally investing in R&D for other energy sources so they’re not out of a job when oil finally runs out or people get smart enough not to send countries run by theocracies billions of dollars a year….Another point overlooked is the value of the Euro. When Bush came into office you could get one for 85 cents, now it’ll cost you about a $1.35. If the arabs decided that they get paid by Euros from the Europeans, why shouldn’t they Americans pay in that as well? The dollar is losing its might (a mixed blessing no doubt) and that has to have something to do with it as well.

  12. suntzusays says:

    What’s wrong with driving up the stock? — Who gets the shares? Millions of pensions/401ks are invested in things like energy..Still.. it does seem a touch high out there. There is an investigation virtually every year at this time. Because of the vital nature of petrol, the price is constantly monitored anyway.. so as usual, I suspect the ‘ongoing investigation’ will find nothing awry. Either the investigation is a waste of money or the people doing the investigations are. Possibly both.Arabs aren’t having us pay in euros yet (because oil is still traded in dollars) but Iran definitely wants that. The side effect will be that every country which currently has dollars in reserve for the purchase of oil will jettison most of them, making dollars even worse off. Good times, but AFAIK, hasn’t happened yet.

  13. May 15 was the day that everyone was supposed to not buy gas, in order to get the companies to lower their prices. I guess it worked in the ’70s or something. Anyway, I think they responded by raising the price by 10 cents. At least, that’s what I read in the paper. Still, I’m glad I didn’t buy gas that day, for principles of my own.

  14. AmeDame says:

    Those one-day boycotts don’t really work, because it just shifts consumption by a day, rather than actually reducing demand at all. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy to drive down prices.

  15. Anonymous says:

    And then there’s the people that send the don’t buy gas on May 15th bulletin out on May 15th. I’ll be damned if I didn’t get gas on the way into work and, only after that, see the bulletin. Oh well, Europe’s been hating it.

  16. AmeDame says:

    I wouldn’t think twice about it..really makes no difference!

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