Retail Therapy

Let me tell you just how hard I rock. After work I had to go by my parents’ house to drop off some Mumfords (the best damn potato chips in the land, home-made kettle-cooked in Urbana, Mike’s hometown) for my aunt & uncle that my dad will be visiting this weekend. Talked to my mom for a bit, then headed back toward home to rug shop. We needed a new area rug for the living room. Long story short, the carpet’s trashed. As is the area rug currently covering the trashed carpet. People are coming over Saturday, so that’s as good an excuse as I need. I started at Meijer. All too small or too bizarrely patterned and colored. Head across the street to Lowe’s. The first one I muscled onto a cart – all by myself!- didn’t ring up on sale even though it was on a cart of mish-mash rugs right in front of the clearance section. Okay. I take it back to the aisle, muscle it off the cart, and pick out another one. Got an even better deal on it, after muscling it off the rack, onto the cart, and up to the register. From there some teenage boys helped me get it into my car, but I managed to get it out of my car and into the house, again, all by myself. The beauty part is, I accomplished this all in time to catch UGLY BETTY! This Bud’s for me!


2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. Bazarov says:

    Lay off the ‘roids…sheesh :p

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