Returning reluctantly

Yuck. The Monday after a long holiday weekend is downright depressing. These weekends are never long enough. The weather has been awfully oppressing. We had that little taste of spring, but we’ve been afraid to uncover the flowers for days. Mike said that every time he looks out the window, it’s snowing. I concur. Every time, I assume that it’ll stop soon, but it doesn’t. At least it’s not accumulating.

The baptism and all went just fine. I have no drama to report. I understand even less now than before why we haven’t all just gotten together sooner. Seems incredibly pointless. Very anticlimactic.

We had a good time at my parents’ house yesterday. Tons of great food, and a smaller crowd than usual, so we actually had enough time to say more than a few words to most people.

I dread coming back to work after an extended break. I despise my current state of employment for the uncertainty it imposes on my life. I resolve to talk to my boss when he gets back into town. I think just broaching the subject of a transition into the business side will ease a lot of my stress. The nature of this position constrains my life as a whole, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If it’s not workable here, I’ll just have to find somewhere else to go, but I can’t imagine that he’ll totally shoot me down. He’s an understanding person. I just need to voice my goals. That alone should help me hate this place much less. A light at the end of the tunnel. A point at which I won’t have to feel so trapped, painted into a corner by my own hand. I’m going to do it. Take the plunge. That combined with some warmer temperatures, some sunshine, might just cheer me up. I’m sick of being cold!


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