A Great Good Friday

Long live the long weekend. I have way too much to do today, but it was divine to lounge half-awake in bed and peruse the errands.

My BIL actually called me yesterday to say thank you for planning to come to the baptism. I guess there’s no changing my mind now, which is unfortunate, because I found out yesterday that my aunts and uncles and some of their kids are coming down Saturday rather than Sunday, as usual. I’d much rather have more time with them, but there’s no getting out of this now.

So. Today I’ve gotta find a Christian bookstore, a shirt, and a new coat. I’m so irked that it’s too cold for a dress. I’ll sacrifice some comfort for fashion, but not if it means freezing my cute little ass off. And I don’t do pantyhose unless absolutely necessary. Cute patterned tights, maybe, but these are spring dresses that I’m not getting to wear. That would just be wrong.

Coffee’s brewing; I’m going to go see if the hostas look frozen dead. I’m still hopeful that they’ll survive. Hope with me, please.


2 thoughts on “A Great Good Friday

  1. Mike says:

    Ahhh jealous of you I am. Surprised to see you up so early, good for you.

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