My favorite question is "Why?"

I keep re-reading the post below. I don’t like how hateful I am about this moronic drama. I’ve been half-assed (via a third party) invited to go to dinner with the group before the evening service. I suppose I should go rather than decline out of spite. I wish it were at least going to be warm so I could wear a dress. No such luck. It’ll be chilly at best. Good thing I’m not ahead of any game; all my winter clothes are still out. Of course I’ve had nothing drycleaned. Gah.

On a brighter note, our hostas have been trying to bloom. I’ll have the full story and hopefully some pics soon. What a tease, right? A post about growing plants. Like watching paint dry. I may have lost my blog groove. Time to get Maggie’s book back out!


4 thoughts on “My favorite question is "Why?"

  1. suntzusays says:

    You could be blogging about taxes or politics and then watch the paint dry… that’d be somewhat less interesting. Oh wait. That’s my doing.

  2. You can’t stop writing! What will I read every day?

  3. PS–Don’t sweat about this whole baptism thing. Maybe an absolution from God will clear the whole mess up.

  4. AmeDame says:

    Thanks, people. Just to have someone comment helps put it in perspective. I won’t stop writing, I’m just sick of wanting to do nothing but complain. I’ll turn the corner soon, I’m sure.

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