Answer Box

FM: Would you ever run for public office?

Me: Yes. I used to think definitely not, but after watching America try to impeach non-inhaling Clinton for lying about an extramarital blow job, then elect a veritable draft-dodging, born-again numb-skull, ‘nucular’-saying tyrant and not impeach him because of homeland security concerns, I think there’s nothing left for me to be ashamed of. If I found myself surrounded by capable people who would support a campaign, I’d be up for it. Something tells me my husband might not be so thrilled to be up for public examination, but like so many other things, you never know until you ask, and we’ve certainly never discussed that. All the skeletons in my closet should probably pale in comparison to what we’ve seen in the political/tabloid arena in the past decade. There is no shame anymore, that much is clear.

FM: Dayton, Ohio—Great city, or the greatest city?

Me: Great city, certainly not the greatest. I’ve got love for Dayton, there’s something perfect about a mid-sized city. You can become familiar enough with it that you get comfortable, feel like you know it inside and out, yet it’s large enough that you can always find something new to amuse yourself. After living in Springfield, I really miss Dayton. I’d love to live in a bigger city, or maybe even out in the country, but Dayton will always be home. Roots.

FM: You’ve got to start it all over again with a different science. Which one will it be?

Me: Now that, that is one hell of a difficult question. Part of me would like to move up (or down, depending on your view) the chain of physics envy, and go smaller. Microbiology or biochemistry. Reproductive endocrinology would be fascinating. Knowing what I know now, maybe even pharmacology. The other part of me would like something with fieldwork; The Trouble with Testosterone made zoology and evolutionary biology sound really enthralling. There are way too many scientific branches to choose from. If I were true to my political leanings, some sort of environmental work would be most fitting. Get on that global warming bandwagon, trying my best to not get too far swayed by the current rhetoric.

FM: Under what circumstances (if any) would you commit murder?

Me: Another difficult question. This might be a cop-out, but the most likely setting would probably be self-defense, which then would not be murder, correct? Otherwise, I’ll say if someone were aiming at my husband or potential children, family or close friends, I’d try to take the predator’s life before he/she took one I hold dear. Also, if they did manage to hurt or kill someone I love, I’d probably be tempted to exact vigilante justice while they were awaiting trial, but I think I think too much to actually go that far. Without having been in that position, I think even the worst of criminals should sit and rot in prison rather than be executed, by my hand or by the state.

FM: Have you ever written fiction?

Me: Ever? Of course, as a child/teenager, I was given assignments to “write a story,” which I always hated. My mom saved a lot of them, and I have them in a storage box in my office. They’re hilarious. I should dig some out and post them as a Cringe-tribute. But as an adult, no, not really. I’ve taken one particularly dramatic episode from recent history and pretended to fictionalize it on this blog, but it wasn’t really fiction. Unfortunately. I could see myself giving it a go, eventually, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to synthesize all my life experiences into one story yet. I need more distance, time-wise, from my most painful memories to arrive at a perspective that wouldn’t be too autobiographical.

That was fun! And now I owe Feral Mom at least one well-considered question. If any of you have any ideas or things you’d like to know about her, leave some comments and we’ll come to a consensus. Or, if you’d like me to interview you, that would be fun, too! Speak your mind; use it or lose it.


6 thoughts on “Answer Box

  1. suntzusays says:

    “evolutionary biology” — The great thing about being a generalist is that I get to study everything in hobby form. Without getting too wrapped up in the rhetoric, which is my other specialty anyway. I’m big on this one. I already went through my physics kicks in high school. I’m waiting for that to flesh out dimensional theory more. Not so big on environmental study, as seeing how the many factors interact in our environment, even just things like predator-prey equilibriums.. I’m not convinced we have any idea what we up to. I used to write stories, but it became boring. I need to convert my ideas into story form anyway. Otherwise I seriously doubt anyone will have interest. I usually use dreams, not ideas, for stories though. Best source when I’m quite insane in my sleep.

  2. Bazarov says:

    Ha…I wouldn’t last an hour as President; I’d get shot at the inauguration. Not an issue though as I wasn’t born here. I’ve about given up on humanity anyways. Need to find me a woman and go up yonder to some northern country that no one is interested in. Canada ranks high on the list. Scandanavia wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t for all the non-assimilating refugees and masses of idiots crossing the borders. Hmm…Canada it is, eh?

  3. AmeDame says:

    Uh. Irony. Don’t give up on humanity until ya find that human woman to uh, go yonder wit’, eh? Then you can both give up on humanity together. How romatic. heehee!I like Canada, though. As long as I can still take southern vacations, I could probably even tolerate the cold…it’s peaceful up there!

  4. Bazarov says:

    Yeah. I love how on one side of a body of water you have Windsor, and then within sight across the body of water you have Detroit. They’re only separated by a few hundred yards and some water but on one side you have a horrendous homicide rate and on the other you don’t. Fucking hilarious. It’s all imaginary too! There’s nothing separating those two places other than some good ole h2o and agreed ideas. Funny funny funny.

  5. AmeDame says:

    or…sad, sad, sad. Interesting either way.

  6. Bazarov says:

    With a lot of things in life you can either laugh or cry…I try to laugh at as much of it as I can. Gets ya odd looks sometimes, but those can be funny too :p

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