It’s Official

I am too old to be partying like a rock star. We had so much fun last night, but I can only now even think about typing without exacerbating the headache. Cheap beer in quantity does really awful things to me anymore. Amazing how at sixteen or seventeen we would be almost unfazed. Sleep for three or four hours, get up, go to work for some more beer money, then do the same damn thing all over again. Ah, the resilience of youth.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes:

The shoes. The $3 red velvet with gold buckles shoes that my friend had removed from my possession during my birthday party. I wore them last night, with white socks that had blue and green flowers on them. Just to mess with my friend, because she hates those shoes with every fiber of her being. Walking home from the bar, I realized that those shoes really did suck, if I could still feel my feet hurting at last call on St. Patty’s day. So I just let her throw them. I might have thrown one at her first, the details are a bit nebulous, but shoes were thrown. I woke up with no shoes and no car keys (I certainly had no intentions of driving, my friend just took my keys a few houses down the road with her, arranging the logistics so that I’d have to come get her before I took off to head home this morning.)

In daylight, we realized that the shoes did not fly as far as we thought they had. They were right in the middle of the street still! I stopped my car, got out and picked them up just because. It’s funny that her hatred of some ugly shoes is so intense. I cannot not poke that kind of bear. All jokes do get old, though. I let Mike throw them away this morning. Those shoes sucked. But I had a damn good time wearing them.


10 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. Bazarov says:

    Youth never kept me from gettin hangovers. Mine are either worse than what’s normal or I just seem to remember them more often because that’s what honestly keeps me from drinking more than I do. Oh, that and saying things I normally don’t say. How lucky I was to get the response, “Thanks!” instead of a slap to the face when I said, “Nice tits!”. She must’ve been as drunk as I was…the more I think about it the harder it is for me to believe I said such a thing to a complete stranger…one who wasn’t asking for my opinion hahahaha. Lotta firsts that night and the morning after.

  2. AmeDame says:

    waaaaitt a minute here. this is a story I wanna hear…sounds like a good time, you silly bastard. heehee. where was this comment made, and how many years ago? I totally cannot picture you drunk and saying that. ’tis a rare individual to be so…precise in modifying his own behavior. you’re a very sharp tack, Bazarov. crack me up, too!

  3. Bazarov says:

    This would be when I went to see my buddy up at Heidelberg College and his then fiance’s mom owned the bar so it was free drinking all night. One of the few times I think I may have blacked out.

  4. AmeDame says:

    Whatever happened to him? He’s not married to that fiancee, I gather. I love to catch up!

  5. Bazarov says:

    Last I heard they were still happily married and were moving around a bit…I think they were in Indiana the last time I spoke with him. It must’ve been a year or two since I’ve talked to him.

  6. AmeDame says:

    Oops. Shows what a pessimist I am! You say then-fiancee and I assume that they broke up rather than got married, making her a wife rather than an ex! Speaking of which, I have an ethics question for you….

  7. Bazarov says:

    is that what the next blog is? the question?

  8. AmeDame says:

    yes. I guess I kind of answered it. It’s not my place to out the guy to his wife-to-be. Just the thought that she might have no idea makes my skin crawl. But that’s my problem, right?

  9. I think those are cute! As my friend would say: “They’re so hideous they’re gorgeous.” Price outweighs fashion sense any day. And I thought I was doing well with $16.

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