Fare Thee Well

Tonight we’re supposed to have dinner again with the nondrinkers and Mike’s brother and his wife. What’s hilarious to me this time around is that I find them a thousand times more palatable than my own siblings-in-law. I need a drink to look at them, not the Baptists!

I wish I could understand why I have such negative feelings about them. I’m sure that it’s an issue of my own I should deal with, rather than something about them I really have a problem with. They just found out that she matched to Albany, (MD), so they’ll be moving to New York in May. That alone should give me enough patience with them to let my poor husband enjoy his brother’s company as much as possible between now and then.

I’m probably just jealous. Envious of her motivation and accomplishment. We graduated undergrad together at WSU in ’03. She’s a year younger than me. If I had any clue what I wanted to be when I grow up, I, too, could have taken algebra-based physics rather than calc-based, biology instead of chemistry, anatomy instead of pchem. This is very academically-elitist of me, but that shit you have to take to be a pre-med major, it’s a lot easier than the shit I put myself through. I don’t regret my choices, though. I had fun in college. Lots of it. No frat parties or sorority pledging, but I made sure to enjoy the college experience while tearing out my hair that I did. not. understand. quantum. mechanics.

She once looked me straight in the eye and told me that they’d never pay for their (hypothetical) kids’ educations. That you don’t appreciate your education unless you have to pay for it yourself. She’s not from the Dayton area, so I’m thinking that someone must have told her while she was at WSU that Beavercreek kids are spoiled. That’s kind of true for me. I have been very, very lucky in life. My parents were able to pay for my education. That sure as fuck doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it, though. I just think it’s incredibly moronic and selfish to say that, yes, I’m going to be a doctor, make lots of money [goal is to work in a position where a hospital pays malpractice insurance premiums so it doesn’t have to come out of her salary], no private practice bullshit for me, but not earmark any of those gobs of money for my kids tuition. To make sure they appreciate it. Yep, these kids will appreciate the shit out of their education. But I’m betting they won’t have much appreciation for their parents. Damn, I’m bitter.


2 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well

  1. suntzusays says:

    That whole Heisenberg stuff throw you off or something? Quantum mechanics was the fun part of physics, because it was the only time it admitted it doesn’t know what the fuck is going on really. There’s an unfortunate difference between people who have a central motivation and people who don’t. The people who don’t are more interesting, can talk about just about anything, live in different circles, but can’t settle into a viable career without greater effort. That’s the trade-off of having your own drum beat in the background that sounds much cooler and much wiser, but its a bit off from the rest of the world so you never get in step with something accomplished without some thought and effort. I’d rather know people who are 6s or 7s (expertise level) on various subjects than people who are 10s on one. 10s are boring without some balance.

  2. AmeDame says:

    Heisenberg was cake…Schrodinger, on the other hand, was a brilliant yet incomprehensible bitch, to me. Uncertainty principle is fairly understandable. Quantum mechanics was never delved into in-depth in my physics classes. Most of my hatred comes from physical chemistry, because I had a really good prof who I hated with every fiber of my being, so……there’s the explanation for my prejudice. I love the concepts, hate the details (maths).

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