Spring Forward

The Team Gavin evening was fun. Got a green T-shirt for next weekend! Mike opted out of braving the crowd, but he had a grand time playing video games with a buddy down the road. The place was packed, great turnout. It took us a good 20 minutes to just work our way to the bar, get beers, and find a spot out in the tent.

When we were getting ready to head home, our host says “Don’t forget your new T-shirt.” Knows me well. Then, I – of course – couldn’t find the car key in my purse. So we groped the couch, I dumped out my purse. He finds it in the couch, we thank him and head out. Mike pulls out of the parking spot, and here he comes, with the earrings I wore…Christmastime? I think it’s time to put them back in the jewelry box, rather than carry them around for another three months. He says, “I don’t think you left anything else, but….” So I’m already laughing at myself, because last time I was there, I tried to steal the book he was reading on my way out. You don’t want to trade for blue earrings? heehee. So we go to take off again, and he comes back out and- I think – smacks the rear end of the car, comes up and hands Mike my T-shirt and my wallet! Mkay. I think I laughed the whole way home. I need a purse the size of me to contain all my bullshit.


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