Blah. Thursday.

I was interviewed last night. How cool does that sound? Thankfully, it wasn’t recorded on video, because cool is probably the opposite of how I answered the questions. A girl I know is taking a sociology class with a theme of marriage and family, and – hey!- I’m married. I don’t know what the technical term of a newlywed is, but it doesn’t seem like I’ve been married long enough to be any kind of expert on the subject. It would be very interesting to read her final three pages, but I’m thinking it might be the kind of stuff I’d rather not read, myself as a sociological example? erg. Sense of humor about oneself is of paramount importance. And I trust her; she’s funny!

I love when answering someone else’s questions leads you to knowing yourself better. Or trying to do so, anyway.

Not too long ago they came out with that ‘new’ Census study, the one where we’re all astounded that 51% of women live without a spouse. The news stories that I saw on TV regarding that publication cracked me up. OOoooh. The divorcees aren’t remarrying. Oooh. The widows aren’t either. Oooh. All the single mothers. The fabric of society is just falling apart, huh? What about all the men eating over the sink and out of the saucepan? Over the trashcan, was one I saw yesterday. Thankfully, it was here at work, not at home. Bad examples, anyways, he’s married. Nobody’s really concerned that women need men to take care of them, are they? Seems to me the one report sticking in my head was in reference to single women being the new demographic to court for Election ’08. Sounds moronic to me. Do most people change their political views after getting married? I doubt this. But maybe that’s just me.


5 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Bazarov says:

    Eating over the sink or trashcan! Genius! And here I thought I was smart for buying paper plates to spare me some dishes. I could just eat over the sink or trashcan! Marvelous. Now if I could just find an easy way to avoid having to wash glasses. I don’t mind doing plates and bowls and silverware, just glasses. Plastic cups? A Dixie cup dispenser? Well, my birthday’s comin’ up soon enough I guess.

  2. suntzusays says:

    At least not eating from the trash can yet. I can’t see how having people getting married if they have no legitimate candidates of note is going to be a boon for society. Although it would at least turn the politics back to the soccer mom and nascar dad. Which are two groups I’ve no idea how they get to vote in the first place; especially the second one…(people who watch objects running around in a circles for hours on end have to have some brain damage that we could hold against them)

  3. I can send you what I wrote if you want. : ) I felt like I was making a lot of the sociological stuff up, and I hope that didn’t skew the meanings of what you said to me…anyway, it helped a heap. Was I the one who said that that specific report was so publicized is because women are usually defined by marriage? I can’t remember if I blogged that or not. I, too, am lazy, and will not go back to check the archives before I post this comment. Peace!

  4. AmeDame says:

    I don’t know. I, too, am too lazy! I’m sure you didn’t skew anything unfairly…I’ll read it…I might just have to pretend I’m reading about someone else, heehee!

  5. suntzusays says:

    Don’t they make some of that sociological/psychological stuff up anyway? ‘women defined by marriage’, that sounds made up for example. Doesn’t that mean men are defined by marriage? I think what they were going for is that women tend to be relationship-centered; men tend to be independence-centered. But that doesn’t mean definition comes from without. ‘Tends to’ is a slippery slope for any logical conclusions.

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